From His Drexel Friend, Ashlie

"Andrew wearing a Drexel t-shirts" he'd received at his orientation

Andrew wearing a Drexel t-shirts he'd received at his orientation

One thing I will never forget about Andrew is the way he would light up a room.

He was always the one you could count on to make you smile.

He knew how to make my bad day seem not so bad.

I will also never forget the way he would throw his [little black bouncy] ball at my door to get me to come out.

I miss Andrew and his awesome British accent that always made me laugh.

I couldn’t have asked for a better neighbor.

I feel honored to have known him and I am happy to have him as my friend.


And I am honored to have been your Mummy Andrew.
What a privilege to have been the recipient of many hugs, and kisses, cuddles and confidences…
What a joy to cook for you and for your brother, your sister and Daddy.
It was one of the greatest gifts to sit together to share our meals, our love, stories and laughter.
You brought joy, love and laughter and solace to so many my love, and you never asked for anything in return…

Oh my darling Andrew… my sweet, sweet boy… I would do anything to have you back.

But that’s selfish of me, you are in heaven now, and what better place could a mother wish her child to be?

Until we meet again sweetheart xox



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