From Scott a.k.a. Andrew’s Twin At Drexel

Hi – I am Andrew’s twin/room-mate at Drexel.

We were both born on May 21st, 1989. But were twins in other ways too.
We both had the habit of correcting people too much.

Andrew helped me too. He helped me with my cooking. He was such a bright friend and I was lucky to know him.

I am sorry that this happened.

Scott a.k.a. Andrew’s twin.

Certainly I can see the similarities in their measured (succinct) use of words 😉

I do remember Andrew telling me about Scott’s cooking and how generously he fed him more than once.
The last time we visited Andrew at Drexel, in November 2008, before he transferred to NY the following January,
I saw a handwritten menu taped to their door.

“Chicken Parmigiana, vegetables and mashed potatoes”
3 spots left

8 o’clock in the common room

“What’s that?” I asked.
“It’s a way to get together and get to know people,” Scott explained. “It has helped us make many friends.”

I was touched and impressed beyond words.

For me too, inviting friends or new people I meet (and like) to my house for a home-cooked meal, comes natural.
Many a friendship have been cemented over Risotto with porcini mushrooms or a rich helping of tiramisu’, made by me of course. Although both Florentina and Andrew had reached the stage where they too could make either of the above, with minimum to almost no supervision.
And I could always rely on Andrew to whip a nice and thick batch of fresh cream, make a chocolate souffle for dessert or be the chocolate fondue Master of Ceremonies.

I remember when Hugh bought it for him, and I remember the first time he used it to cook a meal and invited a few of his friends to join us.
He would always explain to new comers how to use the fondue fork so as not to scratch the teflon coated pot.

The fondue set has been sitting forlornly in an out of the way cupboard ever since we brought it back from his dorm at NYU on Dec. 31st. I don’t see it coming out of that cupboard anytime soon, if ever.

Darling you may have been your friend Scott’s twin, and the beloved friend of many, but you were my flesh and blood, you still are. Every cell in my body and every drop of blood in my veins is still screaming in disbelief, in agony and horror.

My love, we did the best we could yesterday for Father’s Day, but it was not the same without you!
NOTHING is the same without you, NOTHING!

6 thoughts on “From Scott a.k.a. Andrew’s Twin At Drexel

  1. Dear Esmeralda

    Your heart is broken but it will heal. Much scar tissue but pumping for the life that we go on living without them.
    My daughter has just gone to the UK on a 2 year working holiday. I am sad to see her go, but also excited that she is so excited about a new adventure and a new boyfriend.
    I just read about a 16 year old boy who killed himself when his 17 year old sister died. My intial great sadness on reading this changed to a strong feeling that love is the most powerful emotion.
    So keep that heart pumping and the love flowing.

    a big hug

    • Indeed, love is everything and love is the answer.
      Where about in England has your daughter gone?
      My daughter too will go to Europe in September, I am not sure if I told you, she is only 22 (23 soon) and she has a master in International not-for-profit administration.
      She is going to do an internship at FAO in Rome, the UN headquarters for the food and agricultural organization.
      When Andrew died I thought that she wouldn’t have pursued FAO, but she has and initially I was very upset at the thought of her going, especially because Andrew’s death almost unravelled her, they were so close. She is still struggling, but close friends tell me that maybe going away, on an exciting internship like that, which is her dream, will give a break and some relief. I pray that it will be so.

      By the way, congratulations on NZ tie with Italy. My mother tells me that the whole of Italy is in up in arms over it, and they are p….d with the coach.
      I hear from my mother that everybody in Italy is disgusted with how Italy is playing.

      Big hugs to you,
      ps has your heart healed?

      • My daughter is 29, nearly 4 years younger than Bruno. He killed himself one week before her 26th birthday. Getting away at that age is important, even more having true friends.
        She went to Japan for a year teaching English so she could be with her friends. She has an BA in History and English and LlB but her friends are more important to her. I am closest to her of my children. If my heart is healing then its is mainly because of my living children, adults as they are now!
        I can’t take soccer seriously when I think that of the Billions FIFA will make and how much the SA governnent has spent on it instead of its impoverished millions.

      • Your daughter sounds lovely. My daughter will be in the UK for a few days at the beginning of August. Where will your daughter be, in case there is a chance they want to meet?

      • I don’t know where Klara will be probably up around Leeds. If you daughter is on facebook she could be a friend to Klara. You can get to her from my page.

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