I Am Going On An Adventure

I am going on an adventure.
I will leave very early tomorrow morning and I will come back late on Monday of next week.

I will take my laptop with me, and provided I get internet access where I am going; I will post while I am away.

When I come back I will tell you all about it, but in the meantime I could really do with your best wishes and lots of positive energy sent my way.

The reason why I have not talked much about the Fair lately is that I have been busy with this “project,” the one that I will tell you about when I come back.

Okay, I better go, I have to pack my bag and I want to have an early night because my flight is at seven a.m. which I know is no big deal to many of you early birds, alas I am not an early bird.

Wish me luck,



5 thoughts on “I Am Going On An Adventure

  1. Dearest Esmeralda:

    I don’t have any idea where are you going, but I know that wherever it is, is going to be o.k. I am praying that God guide you in your “path”. Andy and I think about you every day, send you about love. Let us know where U are. We love you.

  2. Adventure. That sounds like a trip to somewhere strange and exciting. Maybe its somewhere that Andrew was planning to go. I still have these imaginary trips that I take with Bruno to the ancient cultural sites in Europe. As a child he could tell you the name of every capital or even the smallest African state. So wherever you are going I hope that Andrew is along for the ride.

  3. I think of you, your husband and other children, as well as Andrew and as the Quakers are fond of saying: “I hold you in the light.” I am sorry for your loss.

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