Brian From Drexel


I remember Andrew would always be kicking around that bouncy ball/super ball.

He always had such a sunny personality whether it be cooking, gaming, or just “chillaxing,” and it was always a pleasure to talk to him.

Especially while gaming, he would often drag me from the suite from across the hall to come and play Super Smash Brothers and various other games.

Risk was always so much fun, he would always be Great Britain and often I would try to take it away.

It was always such a fun time around Andrew and I hope he found peace and that he is looking down at us.


You know, I never liked video games (I still don’t), but now I do wish I’d had the patience to learn how to play so that I could have played with him. The way Andrew’s friends talk about it, sounds like a lot of fun, and I would have had the chance to be with my son as a playmate.

And I do remember his black bouncy ball.
When we drove him to Drexel for his freshman year at college, I remember sitting in the lobby with him after we had moved him in.
We were waiting for Hugh who had gone to get the car to go to dinner. Andrew was happy, relaxed and while we waited he bounced his black ball up and down, like Rocky (in the first Rocky).

I found it in the pocket of his leather jacket a little while ago but the bouncy ball has lost his bounce and is sitting quietly like everything else in Andrew room.
Except for this week-end that some dear friends from Rome, Italy, are here and they are staying in Andrew’s room. There is even a little baby, Francesca sleeping in his room in a cute little blue crib and her lovely and “bouncy” seven year-old sister, Alessandra is filling the house with chatter and happy sounds. When she saw the fireflies last night, she was ecstatic (you don’t see many fireflies in Rome).

Tomorrow Amma will be in New York for three days and we will be with her all the time.

Have a great week-end everyone,


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