Laundry, Retreat, Birthday, Tigger

Amazing how much washing accumulates in five days.

On Friday evening, when my friends arrived from Rome, there wasn’t even a handkerchief in the dirty laundry basket.
When I got back on Wednesday, after Amma left for Washington, there were four loads worth of washing waiting for me.
I like doing the laundry and when the weather allows it, I like my laundry to dry outside in the sun and fresh air.
About a year ago I came across a lavender-scented organic, laundry detergent. The combination of lavender and fresh air give you wonderful smelling laundry.
I spent a couple of hours ironing last night, and the smell wafting up from the clothes was like aromatherapy.

Also, at eye level I had a picture of Andrew and Florentina taken last July.

"Florentina & Andrew - July 2009"

Florentina & Andrew - July 2009

I don’t know how, but Andrew’s pictures seem to have developed a three-dimensional quality.
When I look at them he seems to be there, in the picture. His eyes, the hint of a smile… have a life quality to them. Sometimes it is that very quality that fills me with unspeakable grief, while at other times I exchange knowing looks and smiles with “the pictures.”

I have a few more shirts to iron – yes, I iron (lovingly) my husband’s shirts and handkerchiefs – and one more load to dry before we leave tomorrow.

Tuesday is Hugh’s birthday. A significant birthday. The kind that under normal circumstances one would have some kind of celebration.

But without Andrew…?

Still, Hugh’s birthday cannot be ignored, so we’ll quietly celebrate it by doing what Hugh likes doing most, going places, seeing people.
Tomorrow we’ll drive to Rhode Island where a friend has long been inviting us to go and stay. We’ll stay a couple of days then drive down to Boston to see another friend. And then we’ll continue on to Marlborough, a small town near Boston, meet up with our Roman friends and join the three-day retreat with Amma. Yay!

How many laundry-loads do you think I’ll have when I get back?

But laundry aside – Andrew, Daddy’s precious Tigger – please find a way to give Daddy a huge hug on his special birthday.

Love always,



3 thoughts on “Laundry, Retreat, Birthday, Tigger

    • Dearest Kath and Andrew, thank you so much on Hugh’s behalf. I am so touched that you are reading the blog. We are away right now and I cannot believe that Andrew is not with us. Love, Esmeralda

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