I am In Sicily – Ryan Air Sucks

I am in Sicily, I arrived last night. I didn’t sleep a wink on the overnight leg of the journey, New York to Rome.

We spent half a day in Focene, a small sea town near Rome with my friend Claudia. After a lunch of spaghetti alle vongole (clams) by the sea, Claudia drove us to Ciampino airport, an old military airport that has been revived by today’s low-cost airlines such as Ryan Air.
And do you want to know something?


I would like to report them to the human rights commission.
After yesterday’s experience I think I have a rough idea of how today’s battery chickens and feedlot animals in general must feel ( and I am glad to be vegetarian)

IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!! And it brings the WORST out of you. Well I shouldn’t speak for other people, so let’s call a spade a spade and let me come out clean: It brings the worst out of ME, the VERY worst actually.
Still, I feel justified to have called the excuse of a man behind the counter a fucking idiot and a coward. I am only disappointed that I wasn’t able to wipe the smirk from his unenlightened face.
But I did whisper something scary to him before walking away.
And before you start screaming that you want the rest of story, let me reassure you that you will have it. But not here, and not now. This computer is not the best, I have limited internet access AND in any case I am writing a memoir and you will find EVERYTHING there.

Anyway, where were we? Oh yes… being completely riled up, while waiting for my flight to Trapani I pulled the small photograph album in my backpack, and immersed my whole self in pictures of my beloved Andrew. Not the best thing to do if you are trying to calm yourself down. And in my case the result was the opposite and I had a job stopping myself from howling instead. But I did manage to cover my sobs and eventually I did calm down and fell into a sort of inert state of being. Although… I still did manage to eat pizza, and I mean PIZZA, Italian Pizza, not the rubbish they call pizza around where I live. And I even managed to have a caldo freddo which even in my subdued state I could tell was DELIZIOSO (DELISH). And then I went to bed.

By the way, in case you wondered, while I flew to Sicily from Rome; Hugh, Florentina and Robert flew to London and will join me in a few days. I plan on sleeping a lot while they are away.

In the meantime plans for the Fair are moving along well.

Keep checking in and please send your friends and relatives to the blog because the petition needs more signatures and we need more help spreading the word about the Fair.




2 thoughts on “I am In Sicily – Ryan Air Sucks

  1. Benvenuta. Spero che quello che ti é accaduto con la Ryan Air non turbi più del dovuto in tuo soggiorno in Sicilia. Credo che avrai belle sensazioni qui da noi; d’altronde non credo doverti spiegare nulla della sicilia e della sicilianità.
    Ciao. A presto.

    • Ciao. Si la Sicilianità la conosco, ho mangiato un caldofreddo da Betto e la pizza di mio fratello e ieri ho fatto il bagno a Marausa
      A presto, Esmeralda

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