Pigeons & Roosters

Some things never change, or at least they haven’t so far.
Since being here I have woken up to the sound of a rooster, or maybe more than one. For used as I am to them from childhood, I can’t tell a rooster from another.
Then the pigeons take over with their repetitive sound, like that of a train that as you listen along the journey, transforms into words… the pigeons around my Uncle’s house have taken to calling Andrew’s name,
AAA…N…DREW, AAA…N…DREW. Italians don’t quite know how to pronounce Andrew which in Italian is Andrea. So I am not surprised that the pigeons have their own pronunciation issues.

As for me, what can I say… I can’t believe how many firsts there still are;
the first ice cream in Sicily without Andrew, the first time seeing his cousin and childhood friend my nephew Mario, since Andrew died… we both cried… but he is here and Andrew is not.
The first dip in the warm Mediterranean Sea.
A water sign, I have always been a creature of the sea, but on this first swim, knowing that Andrew will not join me later, like Florentina, Robert and Hugh will, I felt a slight ill of ease.
I looked and looked, I could see three month-old baby Andrew the first time I brought him to Sicily. I saw the child Andrew playing with his sister and cousin, building sand castles, spraying each other with water, taking running jumps into the sea, laughing, chasing each other… I could see the past, but the present was… is… empty and sad and lonely…

I miss you my beloved son, I miss you.

Mamma -Esmeralda

P.S. I apologiaze for the lack of pictures but I can’t manage it on this computer. Some things NEVER change indeed, and that is my inability to figure out computers.


2 thoughts on “Pigeons & Roosters

  1. Hi Esmeralda, a very special post. Thanks for sharing from Sicily. I hope it’s somewhat nurturing to be home where you grew up. Besos.

    • Hello Laura, it is always like a breath of fresh air to hear from you. Like getting a glimpse of a little Angel.
      Thank you 🙂

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