FAO & More

I am glad I had a few days to myself, and I am also glad that Florentina is here now.
My daughter and I.
What a special thing a mother-daughter relationship can be and I am SO glad to have it with mine.
I delight in listening to her speak her very good Italian with my family,
“Dai un pesce a una persona (give someone a fish) e quella persona mangerà per un giorno (and that person will eat for a day) insegna a pescare alla stessa persona e mangerà per sempre (teach that person to fish and he/she will eat forever,” this is how, quietly and poised, during dinner last night, Florentina explained to my family about her internship at FAO headquarters in Rome.
Everyone is impressed with her.
They would have been impressed with Andrew too, if they’d had the opportunity of listening to him too!

After dinner my sweet and accomplished daughter had another meltdown.
“I feel as I did two weeks after Andrew died,” she told me. “That same pain and heaviness.”
Thank goodness that we don’t all crash at the same time, otherwise I don’t know where any of us would be. Thank goodness that when one of us is down, one of us is able to come to the rescue.

How can it be that Andrew didn’t know that?

“You are such a close family,” people have commented countless times of our family, and every time it almost feels like a slap in the face.

I didn’t go to the beach today, I spent the morning writing Bruno, yeah! Although it was hard going after a month of not having the chance to write.
And this afternoon I had a nice long sleep. You know, we go to bed quite late here. You won’t believe it, but people don’t start going out until ten or even eleven at night for a stroll down to the gelateria, the ice cream parlour.
If only I could work out how Betto makes his ice cream, I would try opening a gelateria in New York and I am sure that I would make a fortune. Pistacchio, Nocciola, Berries, Caffè, Banana, Pingu ( a heavenly nutella and something milk mixture), to name just a few. And caldo freddo is my favorite, favorite thing.
Okay, it goes like this: your favorite ice cream goes in a small bowl, you make a well at the center and fill it with freshly whipped cream, on top you put a sponge thingy and top it with hot dark melted chocolate heaven, and voilà, anyone in need of a pick me up (and fill me up) is duly taken care of.
I wish the same could be said of my beloved kitten and her relatives, they are so skinny and I am so fat compared to them…
Still, I can only do my best.



5 thoughts on “FAO & More

  1. Nice thoughts Esmeralda.
    I like Florentina’s way of expressing sustainability.
    And I like your attitude towards sharing recipes.
    I much prefer that to Google’s adds on your blog telling me where I can buy Italian coffee in Australia and icecream in NZ. I’m trying to cut down on both.
    Maybe the secret ingredient in Betto’s icecream is that he makes it with love and without marketing? But even that becomes branded to, like passion.

    • Hi Dave, I didn’t know google had ads on my blog! I can’t see them!
      Bloody Hell!
      I wish you could all try Betto’s ice cream though.

      As for the ads though, I don’t think I can do anything about it other than having my own website which right now is beyond my capabilities.
      Always nice to hear from you.

  2. Esmeralda, We are going to Sicily in September. Any ideas of where we should visit? I love gelato and understand it is fabulous there.

    • How exciting! How much time do you have? Google Paceco and see what you find. Do you have exact dates? I have just heard of an old Baglio where they do bed and breakfast.

      Carol, have you signed the petition?
      Love, Esmeralda

      • We are leaving on the 24th and doing a tour of the whole island. Starting in Palermo and going around the boot. 9 days.

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