From Sicily With Love

It’s taken me till now, but this morning I realized that the pigeons in Paceco cannot hoot in English.

I’ve given up trying to get them to pronounce Andrew properly. But they are so determined to call out his name that it dawned on me this morning that the answer is for them to call him Andrea, Italian for Andrew, instead of Andrew.

That taught me how silly it is to get stuck on form. To call Andrew Andrea or Andrew doesn’t change who Andrew is does it?
And that is making me remember something else that is very important.
The fact that Andrew has shed his body, doesn’t make him any less alive than we are. Only less recognizable, less visible.
But you know? There are so many people that we can’t see, I see only a fraction of all the people I know, but that doesn’t make them dead or less real does it?
And I have good friends, really good friends to whom I haven’t spoken from before Andrew died.

Am I rambling on or something? I do that sometime.

Anyway, judging by the noises coming from the kitchen, I think that lunch is ready.
Yes one other nice thing about being here, is that my mother cooks lunch for us every day, and in the evenings we either have pizza from one of my brothers’ places (honest to God,there is NO better pizza in the world!), or my Aunt cooks dinner, either way, every night I have to go for a walk before I can truly enjoy my gelato.
Last night I had Nocciola & Pino Pinguino topped by fresh, whipped cream. Yum, yum… shame it’s only lunchtime…

And I wish Andrew was with Hugh and Robert on the flight from London on Thursday. I know he would love a focaccia from Zio Maurizio’s pizzeria and a caldo freddo from Betto (Sicilian for Bertie) with Nocciola and Pistacchio.
Darling Andrew, I would buy you a caldo freddo every night if you were here.

As always… you are SO missed and SO loved my darling.
Baci e Abbracci
La tua Mamma

PS. And this is a big PS, Thank you to the VERY kind and generous reader from… who donated $500 to the Get Your Wellness On Fair!
You know who you are, and I know you are wonderful and I am grateful to have you on “our team.”

We now have $1,000. Enough for tables, chairs, generator, and maybe a tent.
If you can, please consider donating something, the link on the donation page works, I’ve just checked it.
Thank you,


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