Reiki Healing On The Beach

Hugh and Robert arrive this evening.
Florentina and I are looking forward to seeing them. And I especially cannot wait to hug my little boy, Robert.
Robert is looking forward to his first ice cream of the season (Sicilian Season that is). He said that the first ice cream he is going to have is Jasmine.

The wind is warm again today, and the sheets outside won’t take long to dry.

My friend Caterina gave me Reiki healing at the beach yesterday.
Lying on a towel on the warm sand, I accepted her gift of energy and fought the primordial scream that wanted to rise up from the depth of my being.
There are times, like yesterday and the day before, when it is as though I am hearing the news of Andrew’s death anew.
The agony and horror are as fresh and raw as on that first day, on those first few bewildered minutes.

I am better today.
One day at the time, that is all one can address, one day at the time.

My time on the computer is up.

See you tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Reiki Healing On The Beach

  1. Healing is good. I saw a short video on Sicily and Verdi last night. The terrain reminds me of parts of NZ.
    A small victory here yesterday when the Chief Coroner published the suicide stats for the last 3 years, including method of suicide, and said he favored a change in reporting allowing suicide as cause (but not the method)of death to be acknowleged publicly. His main point was that we have 50% more suicides than road deaths and maybe talking and campaigning about one and not the other is the reason.
    Generally welcomed by suicide survivors, but opposed the medical profession on account of supposed ‘copy cats’.
    Yes, a small victory. Primal shouts needed.

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