Ferragosto – Italian Summer Holiday

Hi – Sorry not have posted for the last couple of days, but I have not had access to a computer.
These past few days and today, are high holidays in Italy.
Yesterday was Ferragosto, a summer holiday for the whole of Italy and the Assunzione, the day when the Virgin Mary ascended to Heaven.
I remember being told that she floated up to heaven, body, clothes and all, I never thought of questioning this unusual way of going to Heaven like a hot air balloon, but now that I write about it, I am curious to know if this is how it happened. And can you imagine watching such a spectacle? Better than jumping down in order to go up, shoot, that sich sense of humor of mine again.

Anyway, in her honor tonight, there will be big fireworks displays all over.
What I particularly like about fireworks are the big bangs. The bigger the better. I don’t know why, but those big claps are… I don’t… I lOVE them. If I lie in bed and hear the noise of fireworks, I find it soothing, and the claps are like bursts of life or something.

So… as you know Hugh and Robert arrived on Friday night, this is Robert’s first time in Sicily without Andrew. Like the rest of us, Robert looks lost at times. I catch him staring into space, I follow his gaze and what I see are my own memories of the children playing in the sea, splashing each other, playing some Italian ball game, laughing, arguing about some minor points and burying themselves in the sand.

Plans for the Fair are coming along. I have just heard that Olympic Silver Medalist, fencer Tim Morehouse, will help with the Fair. I am SO pleased. As you know Andrew was a fencer, and I know that he would be amazed and thrilled with this development.

Bye for now.
See you tomorrow,


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