Old Friends

There is so much beauty in life, no, really.
Even with all the pain I find so many things that touch my heart and make me smile.

When I was a teenager there was a boy my age I used to walk with up and down the local Piazza. I had a little crash for him.
He was one of the only few boys my age I would spend time with, I normally preferred the company of older people.
But he was cute, he had a lovely smile and a good sense of humor.

Then I left for England, I got married, I moved to the States
thirty-five years passed… Then Andrew died, I wrote the blog, I got a message one day: ” I have just learned with horror of what has happened. I see that you are reacting…. Love XYZ”
To be honest, at the time, I drew a complete blank, but eventually I realized who XYZ was, and I was so touched!
But what was even more touching, was my friend’s constant presence.
I could feel him “there” somewhere, rooting for me, encouraging me.
Who would have thought?
With so many friends I have made over the years, some even more “present” in my life, this young friend of long ago found me, and didn’t abandon me.

Yesterday we met again! He drove all the way from where he lives and works, to come and give me and my family a hug.
Sitting in my Uncle’s garden, I was moved and pleased beyond my own imagination. When he left my heart had been warmed up.

And something else, let men try to explain it like this:

When Andrew was little and we still lived in London, his best friend was a boy who lived down the road, his name was Tom (he is in Bruno the book).
Andrew and Tom’s favorite game was playing goodies against baddies, Andrew and Tom being the goodies. Who the baddies were, I am not sure, but they fought them, and together they won.

My friend is a goodie and he fights real baddies. Andrew would have been SO impressed! And I am impressed and proud to have him as a friend.

Dear… thank you for remembering me. Thank you for being on my side.
Good luck, and may God always watch over you.

Your friend

PS. You know, I think the pigeons around my Uncle’s house can read my mind, because today they changed their tune and they started calling out for “Le Cozze, le cozze” mussels, mussels.
And the thing is that I was thinking that since being here I have not had any mussels. Fancy that! Ciao.


4 thoughts on “Old Friends

  1. It is good to see you back here Esmeralda Maybe more people from our past think of us and care than we ever know. It is so sweet that you did get to know.

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