Sun Burned

I left Hugh in the hands of my childhood friend Caterina, and he came back a MESS!

They, they being Hugh, Caterina, Caterina’s eleven year-old son Giacomo, and my two children, Florentina and Robert, went to a special place near Castellammare Del Golfo.
A special rugged, rocky place at the bottom of which is a beautiful bay. But you have to get down there, through jagged rocks, thorns and all.
I knew that unless I was going to get parachuted down to the bay, it was not going to work for me, and inspite of Caterina’s insistence, I didn’t go.
My husband and children on the other hand, were happy to go for a swim somewhere less tame than my beloved spiaggia (beach) in Marasusa.

“He was sitting, yogi-like on a rock, like the mermaid of Copenhagen.
I told him he was going to get burned, but he insisted he was fine.”

You see, while I am olive-skinned and can take the sun, my husband is English… and very white, well that is until the day before yesterday, now he is red like a lobster.

“And what happened to your leg?” I asked him pointing at the big scratches on his left leg.
“Oh, that was the rocks,” he explained. “And I discovered that the sandals are quite heavy under water,” he continued.
“Did you wear sandals in the water? Why?” I asked.
“Because of all the sharp rocks on the sea bed,” he explained.

They insist that they had a wonderful time, particularly Robert who did nothing but climb and dive, climb and dive. Well I am really happy for them, and I am happy I didn’t go.
But we only have two days left in Sicily and it doesn’t look as if Hugh will be able to take anymore sun, which does put a bit of a damper on things.
Oh, well, men are such children, they just can’t look after themselves.

One more thing. The scoglio (rock) where Robert did all his diving from, was quite high, and even though I used to dive myself, I don’t think that I would have been able to stand there and watch.

Not after Andrew… Oh my love….


6 thoughts on “Sun Burned

  1. Lobster red – reminds me of being in Sri Lanka with a touring group. We were playing on the beach, building our versions of the red fort and taj majahal. Just geting some quick beach time before our evening performance! My friend had not put on sunscreen. And she was red at first – we got back to relax before the show. She was lobster red from head to foot. We went to the local chemist to get aloe or vitamin e. Such an adventure covered with vit e – she did the show and never talked about how burned she was to anyone. Everyone complimented her on her color 🙂

  2. Our Warrior Son  / Mom
    This Memorial Day, we remember you.
    Not as a soldier who fought a battle
    read about between the pages of our history book,
    not as a soldier who fought for his country,
    for values and a way of life worth preserving. 
    We remember you,
    as a soldier on the battlefield of life,
    valiantly struggling through your own personal war,
    a war none of us were aware of,
    and all of us would have taken up arms for your cause. 
    We would have rallied, given muskets of courage,
    canons of patience, barrels of understanding,
    rifles loaded with love and compassion.
    But you didn’t let us know we needed to come to your
    aid, we didn’t know you were on the battlefield all alone. 
    The dragons of despair, the monsters of melancholy,
    the shadows of stress and the presence of pressures,
    we would have slayed them, we could have lessened
    their ability to lead you astray from a life full of hope, promise and love. 
    But now we remember you, this Memorial Day,
    for you valiantly fought a battle
    only this family is vaguely aware of.
    You were our little warrior, our happy,
    carefree, confident companion.
    We wish we could have helped you.
    But this was just one battle
    you had to selfishly fight by yourself. 
    And you’ve helped us to be aware
    that we are all here for each other,
    through life’s joyous occasions
    as well as the tragic events.
    We treasure our memories of you
    and of our times together.
    We remember you with love,
    but most of all . . .
    We love you and remember you always.
    Written by Wendy McIntosh, mother of Caleb Joseph Mcintosh, died by suicide at age 20, 28 May 2004. Source:

    • I remember you too. You valiantly fought by yourself. Because of your love for us, you thought we needed to be spared.

      I am sorry I didn’t see any signs my darling.
      It wasn’t up to you, but to us, to see and understand.
      It wasn’t up to you, strained and stretched to the utmost trying to keep the dragons at bay, to call for help.
      It should have been us who should have heard the silent cry for help.

      I am proud of you, my warrior son. Be at Peace now my darling.

      I love you, always.
      Mummy xoxox

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