Ciao Sicilia

Si, yes, the time to leave has come.
I am waiting for my younger brother, Maurizio, to come and take us to Birgi, the airport.

The time has gone by so quickly, I don’t know how.

My little kitten looked well when I saw her last night for the last time, and even her mother and prancy father looked at me quietly without running away.
I didn’t hear the pigeons this morning, either they were quiet (never happened before), or I didn’t hear them because I was packing and thinking.

My friend Caterina and I said good-bye last night, exepct that we didn’t say goodbye, we said “see you tomorrow”.

I also said goodbye to my other friend, the goodie, and to him I said “see you next year, probably”

I’ll have to say goo bye to my mother and Uncle soon. My brother is here, I have to go. I’ll be in Rome tonight.

Arriverdi a tutti
Baci e Abbracci,


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