Off To See The Sistine Chapel

We are off to see the Sistine Chapel shortly. I have even worked and lived in Rome, but this is the first time I go to see I Musei Vaticani – The Vatican Meseums. Hugh had the smart idea of buying the tickets on line before we left New York and SO we will not have to queue. And you should see the line (glad I am not in it 🙂

I leave you with a couple of pictures.

"Stationary Car"

Stationary Car

Andrew put this little car where it is now, and it has been there for at least five years.

“The wind has blown tiles, umbrellas and flower pots around, but never that little car,” my Uncle told me this year.

"Marausa - My Favourite Beach - Spiaggia"

Marausa - My Favourite Beach - Spiaggia

Maurizio cutting a water melon - My Uncle is in the background


4 thoughts on “Off To See The Sistine Chapel

  1. Sounds like you’re having a great trip. Hope you brought along something to lie on. The only way to see the Sistine.
    Hugs to all

    • You know, standing there, straining my neck, I thought : “I should have brought something to lie on, the only way to se the Sistine Chapel.” 😉

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