Today I Rest !

"Florentina & Robert - Erice, Sicily" - August 15, 2010

Florentina & Robert - Erice, Sicily - August 15, 2010

"Florentina & Robert - Erice, Sicily" - August 15, 2010

Florentina & Robert - Erice, Sicily - August 15, 2010

View of the ancient "Castle of Venus - Erice - Sicily"

View of the ancient Castle of Venus - Erice - Sicily

This time last week we were boarding a plane for our flight from Trapani to Rome.
Between then and now we have spent three full days in Rome, several hours in London, and we have been back three days.

I am tired!

For one thing in am still jet lagged and I haven’t had enough sleep since getting back, and for another, I have been busy non stop; shopping, cooking, washing, going through the mail, working on the Fair… you get the picture… But the best part is till ahead of me, a pile of ironing.
No really, I do enjoy ironing, the clean, fresh smell of the laundry wafting up with the heat of the iron, spacing out in the steam as though amidst the clouds…, going in and out of Andrew’s bright room with the finished ironing… putting everything away neatly when I am done.

But today I can’t do it, I feel comatose, and as much as I would like to keep going, I am just going to lay around all day. Read, snooze, hug Bruno and Andrew, keep them close to my heart, pray that I develop psychic powers so that I can see him and talk to him… try not to cry too much…

This is all I can manage today. I can hardly keep my eyes open and stop yawning.

A presto,


PS. By the way, Florentina has found an apartment exactly where she had envisioned herself living and exactly how she wanted it. With character, quaint, cozy, bohemian. My daughter is amazing. I often talk about the law of attraction, but she walks the talk. Brava Florentina!

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