Andrew’s Last Season

Andrew, Florentina & Robert A Few Seasons Ago

Andrew, Florentina & Robert A Few Seasons Ago

“So, this is it?” I asked Robert when he came home from school after his last exam in June.
“Yes, I’m done!”

School started again today. Where did the summer go I ask myself every year, at the end of each summer holiday.

The weather is changing too. It is still warm, bright and blue, but the air has a different quality. The heat has less of an edge, the breezes are sharper and more effective, the nights are cool and blankets are welcome.

I should not be surprised, it is not something happening this year for the first time.
Since the beginning of time one season ends, another one starts.
But this year the change unnerves and unsettles me. I fretted and panicked and cried and resisted Spring’s arrival.
My whole being was shrouded in winter blankets, shielded from the world by the walls of my home.

But now… From here to the cozy warm blankets, there is …. in between.

I am jittery and full of sobs inside, this is Andrew’s last season. Each leaf and flower petal falling on the ground is like another death toll.

I am a cornered animal, I have nowhere to hide.


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