Eight Days To Go

2010 "World Suicide Prevention Day"

2010 World Suicide Prevention Day

"Get Your Wellness On Schedule"

Fair Schedule

Get Your Wellness On is eight days away, by my count.

And I just want you all to know that I am amazed that this event will take place.
I know that I thought of it, talked and wrote about it, started the ball rolling and kept on playing with the ball.

But still! In Washington Square Park? A major Manhattan venue!

And the help I have received from complete strangers! People who stumbled upon my blog and now they are committee members, friends and, listen to this, three of them are getting on a plane to come to the Fair from as far away as Hawaii, Seattle and California!!!
Then there are those driving several hours from places like Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and the further reaches of New Jersey.
If only our beloved friend Dave from New Zealand could be with us too. Does anyone out there have any spare air miles we could give Dave to fly over? Please, please?

I had a meeting at my house two nights ago with three volunteers.

“Is Dave coming?” one of them asked.
“Who is Dave?” asked another.
“Oh, he is the guy from New Zealand, his son died of suicide… he has a tree, I can’t remember what it is called… I feel like I know him, I can almost predict what comment he is going to make. And what about Kukunasomething… did you know that she spoke about her son’s suicide for the first time at the hairdresser””

Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather! I had no idea of how closely some people follow the blog, and I am humbled.
I have bumped into people in my village who ask me how Rome was, or how they would like to see a picture of the kitten in Sicily that I wrote about. Wow… what else can I say?

But going back to the Fair, it looks like we are all set.

The Break-The-Silence bumper stickers and wrist bands have arrived. Thanks to Denise Fein of
Break-the-silence.org – We have fifteen Yoga Mats courtesy of YogaAccessories.com – (By the way, after the Fair, we will give the Yoga mats to the local homeless people) –
The Suicide emergency information wallet cards have arrived.

Debra from California took it upon herself to have wallet cards made with the logo. Debra, what can I say? I can’t wait to meet you!

The T-shirts for us volunteers will be here in a few days (they promised) and so will the re-usable bags that we will give out with the bumper stickers, the wrist-bands and various literature.

My friend Karuna is buying water and power bars for everyone and the alternative healing team is all set up with blankets and mats for people to lie on.

What else? Oh yes, there is a toilet nearby; Phew! And we have secured the sound system. That took a bit of work, but I am told that we have it and I am told that we have the risers too.
The Fencers Club of New York will give out free fencing lessons vouchers (can I have one?)
Tim Morehouse, the 2008 olympic fencing silver medalist is all set with his Saber and will be there bright and early. Dempsey Rice has a fabulous workshop for those of us wanting to know how to collect memories and how to heal while doing it. And Ralph De La Rosa has prepared an amazing meditation workshop, can’t wait.
The Hoopdance by Hoopnotica promises to be spectacular and they assure us that anyone can do it, and not only does it help relax, but does wonders for the waist line đŸ˜‰
I am told that fifteen year-old Nate, a friend of my son Robert, has written a moving piece of music to play at the Fair, I really cannot wait to hear it, and it is his birthday on the 18th, what a way to celebrate, hopefully there will be hundreds and hundreds of people to listen and applaud you Nate.
And we will also have a couple of counsellors and ASIST.

What else? I am busy sending out flyers and press releases, working the phones trying to get press coverage and making sure we have all the Ts crossed and the Is dotted (as much as such a thing is possible)
So, I think we have done what we can so far to shine a spotlight on suicide.

And you, you too can help by spreading the words and wishing this endeavour great success.


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