You Shall Not Pass

"Dragonslayer" - Image courtesy of

Dragonslayer - Image courtesy of

I woke up so many times last night. My head feels heavy and foggy. I am sitting up in bed with my laptop and I have to fight the urge to slide down under the cozy blanket and sleepzzzzzzz

But the Fair is this week, on Saturday, in four days not counting today (I never know how to count).

They are arriving on Thursday the 16th. They being two of my fellow survivors, one coming from Seattle and one from Hawaii, can you believe it? I am still pinching myself.
Then there is my other friend I haven’t yet met in person, and she is coming from California. And then there is the best coordinator you could wish for, also not yet met in person, driving in from Washington on Friday.
And others as well.
The word that I keep saying in my head and out loud is; amazing, amazing. Well is is amazing isn’t it?

What is this down to? What does it mean?

Well, I think that what it means is that even if it is too late for us to join our sons and daughter’s battlefield, we are nevertheless standing shoulder to shoulder with those who need us, with those who need help fighting their dragons and demons. And at the top our lungs we are calling for others to stand with us and say to suicide:

You Shall Not Pass

And now I am going to look for people to shout at, like the press, media and so on:
“For goodness sake help us tell people about the Get Your Wellness On Fair!”

Oh, and I still haven’t heard back from President Obama’s scheduling office as to whether he is coming or not, so I’ll give them a call too. Hey, you never know, right?

Okay, have a good day, see you tomorrow,


2 thoughts on “You Shall Not Pass

  1. Ciao. Sei grande. Stai facendo un lavoro incredibile con una forza ed una determinazione encomiabili. Mi vanterò con tutti di essere tuo amico.
    Un abbraccio a tutti.

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