Thank You New Zealand

The Fair is on Saturday and I have a stinking cold, my head is thumping and I feel lousy!

But then messages like the following from dear Dave from New Zealand, perk me up a little bit, well a lot actually, emotionally.

Thank you for being there all these months, your quiet and steady presence has been like a pillar for me to lean on from time to time. Thank you for your best wishes.
I just have one question, what does Kia Kaha mean?

For those of you who don’t know Dave, he often comes up with words and acronyms that I’ve never heard of 😉



Best wishes from Aotearoa/New Zealand for the “Get Your Wellness On” suicide
prevention Fair, being held 18th of this month in New York. We are all
united across the globe in fighting to break the code of silence that
surrounds suicide and to end the plague that takes the lives of
thousands worldwide every year. Kia Kaha! From Dave


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