The Day After Tomorrow

Little-blond "Andrew" with his adoring father

Little-blond Andrew with his adoring father

The day after tomorrow is the day of the Fair.
Rayo from Hawaii emailed me on her way to the airport yesterday, ” I am on my way,” she wrote. “See you on Friday.”
It gave me butterflies in my stomach, I have been imagining her on her flight to us, wondering what she might be thinking and feeling.

Debra also left yesterday, I think she might have just arrived this morning. Susan is flying in today and Melissa from DC is driving to New York tomorrow.

And I am in bed, as sick as a dog. I have a fever, my chest is heavy, my head is heady or something.
However, by hook or by crook come tomorrow afternoon, I am making my way to Washington Square Park to meet my precious friends, fellow suicide survivors (except for Debra) and amazing supporters.

We want to meet before the Fair starts, we need to hug each other, we need to understand…

I have also asked NYU to allow me and few friends to visit to Bobst, so that together we can pray where Andrew died.
With all the suicides that have taken place at Bobst, I don’t believe that they have ever closed the library and conducted some kind of multi-denominational service. Not only to pray and reflect on the tragedy of the lost lives, but also to clear the space of the energy of death.
After removing the body of a suicide victim, business CANNOT & SHOULD NOT go on as usual as they did when Andrew died, when the library reopened as if nothing had happened. They even conducted tours and NYU student ambassadors were instructed not to disclose what had happened earlier that morning, unless specifically asked. What can one say about that?!

I had originally asked to go to Bobst at 5:30 pm. tomorrow, but then NYU suggested that the morning would better. Unfortunately the morning is difficult for me because I don’t live in Manhattan and going in the morning would mean driving in twice in a day.
Anyway, I am hoping to be given the okay to visit the library on Saturday morning before the Fair starts.

I’ll let you know how things develop, in the meantime I am going to stay in bed, drink lots of fluids and so on.



4 thoughts on “The Day After Tomorrow

  1. Esmeralda, I’ve been regularly taking “zesty orange” flavor Airborne. It really helps me fight off could symptoms. Might work for you. My husband also tells me that naturally occurring iodine in Kelp capsules supports your immune system. Knowing that stress and traveling lowers my immunity, I’ve been taking both…

    What have I been thinking? A lot but you’ll find this shocking–the movie that was shown on the flight from Honolulu to San Francisco was the Joneses. One of the main characters goes bankrupt and dies by suicide! GASP! I so didn’t need to see that movie! It actually made me angry bc the director and actors so DIDN’T capture the agony loved ones and friends experience. 😦

    • Are you here? Welcome!
      Stupid movie. You’ll be surprised at how many counselors don’t get suicide either!
      I don’t have any of the two remedies you mention, and having just sent my husband out to get me a vaporisers and some chicken soup, (I gave a delicious one I’d made and frozen to a friend who was sick), I don’t think that I am going to send him out again. But good to know for the future and keep them handy.
      Can’t wait to see you tomorrow, hugs

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