From Linda

Forgive me if I don’t write today, I am SPENT.
But the Fair was a Huge, HUGE success. Well over 1000 people came.
I am tired now, I have not slept for several nights as well as being ill and now I need to rest, but first I just want to say THANK YOU!
The following is a message from one of volunteers are the fair.

Love to everyone,

“An incredible day for us at the Holistic Mentorship Network Esmeralda. So glad
I got to meet you in person. Elizabeth had told me about you and your event
through an email. Many old and new connections were made because of you, and
because of Andrew. Thanks for waking up the city of NY (the International City)
and bringing in many of the healing practices to de-stress, and help people in
times of crisis, and before it gets to that place of contemplating suicide.
Please keep us posted to future events, and how we can help. You are an
incredible light that shines for Andrew… Blessings~ Linda”


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