I Am Going For A Walk

Another picture of the fair

Another picture of the fair

I am going for a walk.

“Hey,” Elizabeth said in her signature tone when I answered the phone. “Remember what you and I talked about yesterday?”
“Yes, we are going to start walking.”
“We are starting today,” she announces.
“I am in the middle of writing,” I explain. “Never mind,” I continue. “I’ll see you in the park in half an hour.”

So my dear friends, let me go for a walk and get some air into my lungs.
Our local park is on the water and is beautiful. I’ll go and check out the trees, they must have grown since I was last there in February.
I used to go almost every day before Andrew died, and over the years I’ve made friends with several of the trees.
Some of them have such a personality, how can I say it? Their aura resonates with mine šŸ˜‰

See you later,

ps I wish I had a picture of Andrew climbing trees, which he loved doing. Once he climbed a tree so high that if Hugh hadn’t stopped me, I would called the fire brigade to get him down. But guess what? He just sauntered down and he was happy

2 thoughts on “I Am Going For A Walk

    • When I woke up this morning and I ket thinking that this time last week we were together… did I dream it?
      I was sitting up in bed, a bird, one I’ve seen before, was standing in the middle of the garden looking at me looking at him. He stayed for a while, several minutes. I imagined you asking asking me the name of the bird. I don’t know, it has a brown tummy. I miss you

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