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"Healing Touch"

Healing Touch

Love & Healing from "Dr. Weng"

Love & Healing from Dr. Weng

The "Alternative Healing" Tent

The Alternative Healing Tent

These emails are part of an exchange with a beloved friend of mine and of my family.
He is a doctor, an emergency room doctor who… I might as well tell you… Josh was the attending emergency room physician when Alexander died. All of us in my family adore and treasure him. Josh is one of those human beings who make the world a better place by being here. He is a great doctor, but he is more than that, he is a healer with a gentle and loving heart.
The circumstances of our meeting notwithstanding, I know I am blessed to have him in my life.

The emails below have inspired me to expand the Fair into The Community Love (as he calls it) initiatives. Josh thinks that we should have a Fair every months, every week or more. I would love to do that, yet I can’t… I don’t think… But why can’t we do something similar to the Fair in different communities?

Here is what Josh writes:

“…That is a very beautiful article you wrote, and what an amazing story to end with. I believe it. I wish I had sent a very depressed person I know to the event. Something like that should happen monthly in the village if not weekly, same time, same place, so everyone knows of it and can get help if they need it. What a sweet person you are, and what a brilliant idea. I am sorry I missed it…”

“…I really believe this is a most important, and a fairly universal affliction – the thought of suicide. The impulse to translate it to action is thank god not that frequent, but given how frequent the thought is, this all needs to be addressed at a larger social level, like the way you are approaching it. I think you could get money from Bloomberg to sponsor a “Stop Suicide in NYC” recurring event. I really think it should be weekly, or with the right organization, more. Annually is too rare. This is a daily problem for people who think of killing themselves. And, the answer is probably in community love, which you are creating.
How can I help…?”

“…. He [Andrew] was an extremely beautiful child and young man.
It is pure poor luck he got his impulse when no one was there to stabilize him.
Love again,
Follow your inspiration,

Josh, your words have stirred something… and something wonderful is going to be born from them.

And a young friend I made at the Fair wrote to me yesterday:

“… I have been thinking about you so much lately. I am so proud of you for your courage and energy in putting the fair together. I just am baffled at the whole experience and how I came to meet you after thinking about Andrew and that horrid XXX school for so long. Suffering privately at their lack of care and concern for students. I feel like we are an army now, an army of strength to support one another forever. I am so glad to have been able to meet you in person. Now when I read your blog I feel like I know you a bit better…”

So… If we are an army of Love and Peace warriors, let’s work out how we are going to get our show on the road and call out to people:

Come and “Get Your Wellness On!”

Thank you for the inspiration

2 thoughts on “Community Love

  1. When I brought up the fair at the IAM meditation , immediately people wanted to know when the next one is. Many people in the community didn’t know about it.

    • We are going to have a big one next year, but now I am thinking of doing something a bit more regularly. I want to get a meeting with Bloomberg.
      Let’s chat xox

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