"The Fair"

The Fair

"The Hoops"

The Hoops

"The Hula Hooper"

The Hula Hooper

The "Hula Hopefuls"

The Hula Hopefuls

“The only thing I wasn’t sure about was the Hoopnotica thing,” my husband said, talking about the Fair. “But it was a real crowd-puller,” he continued.

Indeed! There was no one in Alexander Holley Plaza during the Get Your Wellness On Fair, who was not hoopnotized when Hoopnotica’s Jacqui Becker, nicknamed The Elf Princess by me, got up and did her hula hoop dance.
What can I say, the girl is beautiful and when she does her hula hoop thing, one can’t help being spellbound!

That aside, as their website says “…Hoopdance is an energizing, fat burning cardio and core building hula hoop workout that is effective, fun and encourages creative self-expression!”

As well as a fun & effective work-out, hula hooping or hoopdance is an effortless way – once you’ve learned how that is – of calming & soothing the mind. When you hula hoop you can create a quiet space within, akin to meditation, that helps you de-stress, feel good and feel better about yourself.

“Get Your Wellness On” promotes Eastern and Western approaches to mind and body health. It advances a general understanding of wellness that helps empower individuals to take charge of their overall health.
And I am so happy that thanks to my friend and fellow survivor Shannon, I was able to introduce this innovative, out-of-the-box tool called hula hooping, to the thousand plus, who came by the Fair On Saturday, September 18.

Thank you Hoopnotica and thank you Jacqui and Robyn, hoop dancers non-plus-ultra, for helping make the
“Get Your Wellness On” Fair the huge success that it was.

Oh, I would like a hula hoop from hoopnotica for Christmas… just thought I’d mention it.

Okay, have a great day everyone… and… go on, give hula hooping a try.

Esmeralda 😉

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