Rain, Rain Don’t Go Away

"Esmeralda and Tigger"

Today I haven’t written because I have not felt up to writing today.

Rain, rain don’t go away, Esmeralda is tired and doesn’t want to play.

Rain… rain is… rain is… soporific… zzzzzzzzz where was I ?

And… after all these months, I heard from another NYU mother whose son also died by jumping.

I am tired, I am discombobulated, it is the 5th of October… On the 5th of November NYU students held a vigil in Washington Square Park for my Andrew.

My darling Tigger, my Fallen Knight, my Warrior Son.

2 thoughts on “Rain, Rain Don’t Go Away

  1. Are you going to have another vigil on your fallen Night’s anniversary? I have my own daily anniversary. I have my beauty boy’s death day as my debit card number. I also have his name tatooed on my knuckles. I havnt hit anyone with him yet. Just been interviewed by a journalist on the subject of poetry as a mental health project. A fellow ‘nutter’ runs it. Here is the url http://headlinesnz.wordpress.com/
    Hugs for the countdown

    • The Alienationist – I liked it.
      Yes, I would like to hold a vigil for my Fallen Knight. Thank you for thinking of me. Hugssss, Esmeralda

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