Yoga Report & Sad News

I just don’t know how I could have gone months without doing yoga. Well I do know, so I won’t be too hard on myself, but I do pray not to fall off the wagon again. And the truth is that it is exactly when things are hard, painful, challenging and demanding that a discipline like yoga really helps.
Like yesterday for instance, I was really happy to start again and couldn’t wait to roll out my mat. But once I was lying on it, during the initial slowing down and becoming aware of my breath, things were going on in my mind and I had trouble relaxing, so much so that I almost got up and left.
But I didn’t, I stuck it out and with each conscious inhale and exhale my heart rate slowed down and my mind stopped fighting with me.
And even when, between a sun salutation or a warrior one pose, or any of the twists and stretches, my mind tried to say “Hey, I’m still here,” I was able to breathe it away.

By the way, did you know that when you twist your spine without moving your waist, not only do you strengthen the spine and dorsal muscles, but those muscles squeeze your internal organs, giving them a massage and increasing the blood flow, which has a rejuvenating effect.
The asanas, or poses, free blocked energy and the effect is energizing. So much so, that afterwards I went for a walk around Halsey Pond, then I went to the supermarket before finally going back home. I left the house without having breakfast; by the time I got back at 3 o’clock, I wasn’t even hungry (I did have some samples at Stew Leonard though 😉 )
My back and neck muscles are a bit sore this morning, but that is to be expected.

All things considered, yesterday was not a bad day. That is until Hedi, a long time reader of my blog, left me a message last night, that the daughter of one of her husband’s colleagues had taken her life yesterday.
Her suicide, seemingly bullying induced.

I would like to ask everyone who reads my blog, to please join me in prayer for this newly stricken family.
I cannot dwell too much on how I know how they are feeling, because I am still pretty raw myself and my solar plexus feels all out of sync right now.

I have been saying it for months, suicide is a big thing, an every fifteen minute occurrence in this country. People might be overwhelmed and wonder how it can possibly be tackled, how can one make a difference.
I agree, it can be overwhelming. But all that is asked of each one of us, is that we do our part, however big or small that part may be. And that is what makes a difference.

For my part, I have been asked to speak at a fundraiser in Manhattan for the Trevor Project on the 24th of this month, and I have agreed.

I hope you all have a good and productive day.


18 thoughts on “Yoga Report & Sad News

  1. So pleased to hear of your day yesterday Esmeralda. Yoga is a wonderful thing.

    My thoughts and prayers are with your friend and their loved ones. If I could please ask the same of you. In our community, we have lost three young people in the past week. Their ages ranged from 13 to 19.
    Thank you.

      • We don’t know very much at the moment, other than the oldest girl, Aiyisha, who apparently struggled with her sexual identity. I am so terribly devastated. Having trouble thinking clearly. Unfortunately it is extremely difficult to accomplish anything in this county, if you are not a member of “the elite”. People are too busy blaming, judging, analyzing, criticizing…. to stop and address the problem, that we are losing our children and something must be done. I will post the links for you to read.

      • Lenette, thanks for the links. I will actually post them tomorrow as a post.
        This is so hard, so very hard. But we cannot give up, we just have to keep going. Thank you for writing, Esmeralda

      • Oh…dare I say it????!!!!

        I am growing more concerned by the day of suicide contagion because of ignorant media. It’s only a matter of time before those experts who know more about suicide than I start wondering aloud the same thing or will PC keep them silent or are they willing to conveniently set aside their recommendations in this instance? It would be sadly ironic if ignorant and / or irresponsible information reporters in whatever media form were actually causing more GLBTQ teen suicides while trying to advance their agenda. (There I dared to say it!)

        Hedi’s and LenVi’s posts about more teen suicides make me concerned about how media in all its forms, especially its more newer forms (i.e. websites, blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is following recommended guidelines by respected mental health professionals. Originally these guidelines were developed for responsible news reporting. But “reporting” of information about suicide is happening in more venues than the traditional TV news, newspaper, and magazine.

        Here’s a few of many links for responsible information reporting of suicides.

        Long version:

        At-A-Glance version:

        What else is sickening me is the disregard for the grieving survivors! Let the families grieve in privacy and peace. There world is torn apart already. This frenzy needs to stop…

  2. More on Suicide “Postvention”: Is anybody talking about this in the media? Now would be a good time to address this aspect of how to decrease suicide. We’ve got the following broad topics when it comes to addressing suicide… awareness, prevention, intervention, and postvention.

    I came across Florida’s Statewide Office of Suicide Prevention website, Help Promote Hope and a school psychologist’s powerpoint presentation with this info:

    Frank J. Zenere, Ed.S., School Psychologist
    Miami-Dade County Public Schools
    Florida Suicide Prevention Coordinating Council

    Source: Retrieved on October 13, 2010.

    􀂙Suicide Contagion: The process in which
    suicidal behavior is initiated by one or more
    individuals, following the awareness of a recent
    suicide threat, attempt or completion, or a
    fictional depiction of such behavior.

    􀂙Suicide Cluster: “A group of suicides or suicide
    attempts, or both, that occur closer in time and
    space than would normally be expected in a
    given community.” (CDC, 1988)

    􀂙Copy Cat Suicide: When a person copies the
    manner of death of another person.

    Research suggests that the process of suicide
    contagion exists (Velting, D. & Gould, M., 1997).
    􀂙 Considerable evidence supports that mass media
    coverage including newspaper articles, television
    news reports and fictional dramatizations have led to
    significant elevations in suicides(Gould, M.S., 2001).
    􀂙 The influence of media reports of suicide and its
    impact on future suicides is most significant among
    adolescents (Philips, D. & Carstensen, L.L., 1986).
    􀂙 The occurrence of a single suicide in a community
    (especially an adolescent suicide) increases the risk
    of further suicides within that community (Gould,
    Walenstein, Kleinman, O’Carrol & Mercy, 1990; & Philips &
    Carstensen, 1988); Askland,Sonnenfeld, & Cosby, 2003)

    􀂙 Clusters in the United States tend to occur among
    adolescents and young adults under the age of 24
    years(Gould, Wallenstein, & Kleinman, 1990; Gould,
    Wallenstein, Kleinman, O’Carrol & Mercy, 1990).
    􀂙 Similar results reported for clusters of suicide
    attempts(Gould, Petrie, Kleinman & Wallenstein, 1994).
    􀂙 Between 1%-2% of annual teenage suicides occur in
    clusters(Gould, Petrie, Kleinman & Wallenstein, 1994).
    􀂙 100-200 teens die in clusters annually (CDC).

    • Suicide clusters occur as a result of the process
    of contagion. The vehicle for such contagion is
    information, particularly sensationalized
    information regarding suicides that have
    previously occurred.
    • Inappropriate media coverage of suicidal
    behavior can foster the development of the
    contagion process.

  3. Hey Hey Obama, why aint you Gay?
    You’r Black, your bright, why aint you Gay?
    Don’t you know that more kids kill themselves in Afghanistan than get shot by the Taliban?
    Don’t you know that Gays in the military can die for their country but not for their sexual liberation?
    Don’t you know that many of our best and brightest Gay students are being bullied to death?
    Cmon Obama, be an honorary Gay and stand up to the reactionary destruction of our kids today.

    • Dave, You don’t need to be Gay to stand up to the destruction of our youth to war, to suicide, to slow self-destruction of addictions of many kinds, and the many other things you’ve mentioned destroy our youth on in E’s blog.

  4. Kukunoakala, Yes true, but as a society is judged by those who are most oppressed, I figure that these kids who are struggling with the sexual identity are dying are the ones we should use as that benchmark right now.

    • Dave, I appreciate your response.

      “Society is judged by those who are most oppressed”. Please define what you mean by oppressed. What is the definition of oppression to you? It will help me understand your comment better.

      “Kids who are struggling with their sexual identity are dying” Are you saying that all the kids who recently died by suicide in the US and who allegedly were out as gay or were allegedly gay perceived died because they were oppressed (per your definition)?

      Looking forward to getting a better understanding of the comment you posted. Thanks Dave.

      • Kukunaokala, no I was not meaning to say that gays are necessarily THE most oppressed (by which I mean prevented by society from realising the true selves) in the case of gays(Im shortening GLBT to gay here)their sexual orientation. But right now the focus on the ‘don’t say or tell’ policy in the military highlights that a disproportionately high number of those who die by suicide are gays who have been bullied or in some way devalued which to me equals severe social oppression. We all know that suicide results from severe pain, IMO severe oppression of this sort is once source of such pain.

      • Thank you Dave for keeping the dialogue going. Difference is what people feel threatened by. There was a time when if you were Italian you were bullied, or you couldn’t run for office. People want everything to be “normal”, “different” feels threatening. Fear, as far as I am concerned is where the worst of humanity stems from. Fear of luck, fear of loss.
        I also want to say one thing here, I stand with my fellow human beings, brothers and sisters under God, whatever they are. There is nothing anyone of us can be for which our creator loves us less.

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