A Letter From Bruno To Andrew

"Calcutta, March 23, 2008 - Bruno" resting inside my bag

Calcutta, March 23, 2008 - Bruno resting inside my bag

Bruno wrote this letter to Andrew shortly after Andrew died. And for whatever reasons that Bruno has not yet shared with me, he’s been been asking me to make some slight corrections and post it again. I have known Bruno too long and respect his judgement too much not to honor his request.
So here’s Bruno’s letter to his beloved Andrew.

My dear friend, my dear Love, I only let you go because…. because…..you grew up, you gave me to your Mother who took me to India…… And I love her and your Father and Florentina and Robert, but you, but you…… my Andrew. I am talking to your Mother day and night; she’s agreed to help me write my own memoir and to help me tell our story as only a bear and his boy can tell.
Also, I want you to know that we have a teddy bear watch set up. Florentina’s Jackalyn has resumed full-time duty, and taken charge of what between you and me looks like a motley crew of animals, but the young bear Silky you gave Florentina one Christmas, has really come into her own these past few days and is doing a sterling job looking after your sister.

As I know you would want me to, I am looking after your mother minute by minute, day and night. And between us all we are keeping an eye on young Robert and your Father as well.

So my beloved, irreplaceable friend, please do not have any concerns on that score – teddy bears know their place and duty. Our oath is sworn, to help, assist and succour.

But for you, only for you is my undying love. I should not have agreed to let you go out in life without me. I know that together we could have worked things out.

But for now, my beloved, beautiful, irreplaceable Andrew, I will do my duty, and be strong for the family.
And I find solace knowing that you are in the best of Realms and that you are with Alexander.

Until we meet again.
Your friend and servant,


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