Ben Settle

"Peace Symbol" In the Sand - Image Courtesy "National Geographic"

Peace Symbol In the Sand - Image Courtesy National Geographic

If you haven’t done so, please sign the petition to break the silence about suicide

This morning I saw that another signature, that of Wendy Settle, had been added to the petition, accompanied by the following heart breaking message:

In memory of my dear brother, Ben, who died by suicide only one week ago on October 14, 2010

I know that suicide happens. This time last year I was only days away from getting that early morning call that plunged our family into a living, walking, hell.

I don’t need anyone to tell me anything about suicide. I know what it is like to be a survivor, to be the mother of a son, my own flesh and blood, who is suddenly beyond my reach, my ability to protect.

I know all the facts and all the figures, all the myths and counter myths.

I know how often it happens in this country.

Still, whenever someone comes to me with their own loss, I am stricken, sickened and horrified anew.

Every time I hear of a new loss, I am slammed back into the place I found myself on November 3rd. 2009.

I still feel the… No, I will not go into it…

But Dear Wendy, I am so very sorry for your loss, for your family’s loss.

As a witness of my children’s devastation at the loss of their beloved brother, I know how your world has exploded around you. I know that right now you are covered in smoke, debris, cuts and wounds.
I am sorry sweetheart. But please know that your beloved Ben, will not be forgotten by any of us who learn of his death. He too will live in my heart, and will join my son in shining a light on the road ahead.

When you are strong enough, you can use your sorrow to help you turn Ben’s death into hope and light for others.

But for now, take care, and please get in touch, for I don’t know how to reach you.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti – Peace, Peace, Peace




One thought on “Ben Settle

  1. So much pathos in what you have written today Esmeralda…and sorry is not a strong enough word, even “so very sorry” doesn’t begin to capture the depth and breadth of “sorry” felt!


    Peace will come… to those who seek it, even if sorrrow remains, “even if only a moment at a time”…

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