When The Perfect Storm Had Fully Brewed

As you know, on Sunday I went to the Living Proof concert organized by Neil Totton, in memory of suicide victims.

It was truly, an amazing evening. Just being there was a healing experience for me, and the talent was pretty much as good as it gets.

The air was filled with the powerful openness of listening hearts yearning to understand, longing to learn how to tackle this killer called suicide.

What a privilege to be asked to speak a few words to such a special, loving, caring gathering of generous people.

This time last year, while I thought I was at last transitioning into one of the most creative periods of my life, Andrew had six days left to live.

I don’t think that he himself knew that.

I don’t think that the treacherously dark specific moment in time, had struck his soul yet.

I don’t think that the perfect storm had fully brewed this time a year ago, but when it did, my son had neither the tools nor the help that would have saved his life!

Shot by one of the spectators, this video of my speech at the Living Proof concert, outlines my vision that only true through Self Awareness ours can be an empowered life.

Thank you Neil, Antuan, Leo, Johnny, the fantastic artists and wonderful people who made

Living Proof Part One a Harbinger of a New Era of Wellness.

With a big hug to everyone.

Esmeralda, Andrew’s Mummy – & Bruno the Teddy Bear, Andrew’s beloved and loyal Friend.

For the video click on the link


2 thoughts on “When The Perfect Storm Had Fully Brewed

    • I know… I think Hugh went and changed it to Andrew for some reason, which didn’t seem to feet. Then I thought of another (I think) better one.
      Love, Esmeralda

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