Andrew Edward Kirkley Williamson-Noble

Andrew is dead!

I am as shell-shocked this morning as I was this time a year ago, when I got the news.

I have been up and down all night.

Shivering in my nightdress, I sat in the dark, in the kitchen, at four o’clock this morning.

“This is the time. Will there be anybody on duty at Bobst this time, and stop him going up?”

But my beautiful son is dead!

I am raw, bleeding, trembling, shaking, fearful…

Today I know what lies ahead of me, another long year without him.

Darling Andrew, the grief and sorrow of your loss are as fresh and sharp today as they were a year ago, and so is my love for you my darling child.

Neither tears, nor absence, neither time, nor distance have dimmed it.

Rest In Peace my love, Rest In Peace

La Tua Mamma
Andrew Edward Kirkley Williamson-Noble AKA Tigger

16 thoughts on “Andrew Edward Kirkley Williamson-Noble

  1. You must know I’m thinking of you – you are all wonderful. It seems unbelievable it was only just over a year ago that the world was a different place, that I got that nightmare call and yet it’s also such a short time ago. To live with the grief is no easy thing, even for me, distanced as I am. But to live with the loss is just shit. And a huge, unforgiveable mistake on Fate’s part. I love you all, all.
    N x

  2. Love to you and your family, Esmeralda. Feel Andrew with you, let him comfort you. Let his spirit guide you. Believe in love and believe in bring reunited again. We are all here for you. The universe is mysterious, sometimes we don’t have words or an explanation for anything. Try to give up our fear and sadness to God. Give him your burden and just rest now…

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