Ready for his "junior Prom"

Ready for his junior Prom

Silence is what one strives for, to find peace.

Silence is the treasure that yogis seek, for only in silence, can the truth be known.

And I’ve tramped the dusty roads of India, I have traveled with my loving teacher, Amma, God’s love in a human body.
Sitting at her feet I have inhaled the blissful power of silence.

But now, looking at your silent pictures looking back at me, I want to shred this haunting silence and hear your voice.
A voice as beautiful and as sophisticated as you.

Andrew… Andrew… Andrew…

Dear God, I have Faith, I trust unconditionally.
I know that this is not the end… But then, please, tell me God, does it have to hurt so much?

Dear, Compassionate, Loving God, please show me where my child is.

Thank you,

Your loving daughter Esmeralda – Andrew’s Mummy

A year ago today, NYU students held a candle light vigil in Washington Square Park – They had intended for the Vigil to be held at Bobst library where Andrew died, but NYU administrators forbade any kind of remembrance to take place within any of the University’s premises.
My family and friends joined the students in the Park and then, accompanied and supported by close friends, I went to the library to see for myself where and how my son’s life had ended.

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