If You Can, Have A Great Day For Me Too

So much to do, and honestly, a lot to look forward to.

This Wednesday I will have the opportunity to raise suicide awareness.
For that I have to thank Tim Morehouse, who has generously offered a stand to Get Your Wellness On, at his Fencing Masters big competition at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan.
For more information on that, please go to: fencingmastersnyc.com
and you should consider coming, whether you are a fencer or not, watching World Champions and Olympians fence each other is a pretty special thing.
So get yourself there, I look forward to seeing you.

Also the new blog: “Get Your Wellness On,” has just gone live even if right now, the only thing it says is: “Hello World.” But in the days to come it is going to be all about Getting Your Wellness On, so, stay tuned.

The other really, really special, wonderful thing that has happened, is that Bruno has found an agent and will go to the children’s book fair in Guadalajara Mexico at the end of the month and then to Bologna in March.
Just to have representation, is a dream come true.

Also at the end of the month I am going to a five-day retreat with Amma, and I can hardly wait to get on the Amma-bound plane.

And in January I am going to Italy, first to Milan, then Sicily, then Rome to see Florentina. And if that alone wasn’t special enough, on my way back to New York I will fly via Copenhagen and briefly stop there to see an old, old friend of mine with whom I used to share a flat in my younger days, when I lived in London. Leif, my friend and I, haven’t seen each since I moved to New York in 1995.

Now do you agree that I have a lot of nice happenings in front of me?

Then, why the hell do I still want to cry today, as I did all day yesterday?

Will you forgive me if I use an expression more used in England than in the States?

Fucking Hell!

Amazing, just saying that I feel a teeny, weeny bit better.

And if you can, well then, have a great day for me too.



6 thoughts on “If You Can, Have A Great Day For Me Too

    • Glad you approve dear Dave. I loved it and laughed when I first saw the name of your blog
      “Lifting the lid on all that shit”, now, that has a ring to it, I thought. Huggies to you too πŸ˜‰ Esmeralda

      • Yes, the title does tickle the tongue…all the “l”s and short “i”s…and the word sh*t kinda catches you off guard but then you think that’s exactly what it is!

    • And here’s to Situation Full, whatever that may mean. Get Your Wellness On is up and running. Would you write something about what wellness means to you and how you get? Ciao bello xox

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