Nice day today

Feeling better today.

There is a big, shiny, friendly sun high in the sky today.

I am busy working on Bruno.

Ciao a tutti,



4 thoughts on “Nice day today

    • I think I am just doing. But you know, I don’t know about you, but physically I am still quite weak, and it slows me down.

      • Yes, I definitely feel physically weaker. I intentionally don’t push myself. Before Michael died, I had the drive to work out And try to meet physical fitness goals. That drive is gone and it feels like I shouldn’t push because I would risk injury. Like I am physically injured and need to just give my physical body the time to naturally heal and restore. And yes, it slows me down. But I have accepted the slower pace. It’s very different for me as a goal-driven, perfectionist, type A personality.

        I also have to be “very aware” of stress building up throughout the day and not allowing that to happen–breathing, excercise, prayer, meditation, etc.

        A Hawaiian word I knew but just came to know in a new spiritual way is taking root in my mind…kealaula…dawning…something new is happening to me…positive…hope-filled…happy. It is good.

        Aloha, Rayo

      • Wow!!! Even after three years?! Last night after cooking, washing up, putting things away, I was WORN OUT. And, yes, it seems I hover on this hedge territory, and have to be careful because it would be so easy to fall. And often I do, but by Divine Grace, and I bow to the Divine i gratitude, sooner or later, I pick myself up again.
        Thanks Rayo, Esmeralda
        PS. Guess what? Last night I ordered myself a hoopnotica hula hoop on Amazon. I am quite excited about it 😉

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