November 20 – National Survivors Day

Today, November 20th, is National Suicide Survivor Day.

There are events planned throughout out the Country. I will attend the event nearest to me.

I am a suicide survivor. I am a suicide survivor… I am not sure how I feel about being a suicide survivor, that is, to be part of a “survivor club.”

I know what it is, to be a survivor has a victim quality to it.

Heartbroken and devastated though I am, I do not feel like a victim. I don’t think like a victim and I don’t think, I hope, I don’t behave like a victim.

I prefer to look at the whole thing this way: Suicide messed with the wrong mother! And she ain’t going to take it on the chin.
I was going to say “And she ain’t going to take it lying down,” but the truth is that I do spend more time in my bed than I used to, before Andrew died.

Anyway, on this National Suicide Survivor Day, if you find it helpful, do get out there and share your survival with someone else.

Love to all my fellow club members and all precious friends and supporters.



One thought on “November 20 – National Survivors Day

  1. Like you, I have definitely never felt / thought of myself in terms of being a “victim”. I am surviving the emotional trauma of my child’s violent death and the confusion and disorientation it has caused. I am surviving the silence, shame and stigma others often associated with death by suicide.

    Last year at a conference on this day, for the first time I spoke out in public about my survivor experience. That was a difficult but right choice. It led to a year of healing action.

    As you know about every 18 minutes, there are more survivors of suicide. LET’S…Break the Silence. Talk about it. Save a life.

    Let’s learn how to Get Your Wellness On!
    Aloha ❤

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