Acupuncture Helps Me Get My Wellness On

"Dr. Weng" and I last night

Dr. Weng and I last night

"Dr. Weng"

Dr. Weng

Another GREAT day with Amma yesterday.

I got some more Wellness on with Dr. Weng, the most AMAZING healer with or without acupuncture needles.

Lots of my friends are here.

I am loving it.



4 thoughts on “Acupuncture Helps Me Get My Wellness On

  1. There is a lot of suffering here in Detroit; many kids at my daughter’s school don’t have enough to eat, don’t have working utilities in their homes or warm clothes for the winter…several families are also homeless…

    As these families also no longer have health insurance, or never had adequate coverage to begin with, the school counselors work 14 hour days to try to provide the mental health services these kids are not getting….and desperately need….

    I have to give her school credit, they really provide a lot of extra services for “at risk” kids, and have literally prevented many kids from harming themselves…

    • Your daughter school sounds great. How are you? How is the family who lost the daughter a few weeks ago? Take care, Esmeralda

  2. Hi Esmeralda,

    They are doing the best they can; they are obviously devastated. I am really worried about the older sibling who is in college and is trying as best he can to put up a brave front; I really think he needs to talk to someone…There are some cultural issues that are still “blocking” this…I don’t know them well anough to approach this with them, so I am trying to get to someone who can…

    • Why don’t you speak to someone at the lifeline and see if they have any suggestions? I am keeping them all in my heart. Esmeralda

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