Coming Back

The end of a retreat with Amma is always fraught with emotions.
The days spent immersed in the inner world, are hard to leave behind. The ability to remain focused within is another story that will have a place on the other blog:
Get Your Wellness On, but it does not belong here.

So, I was in my room, tired from the long days and nights with very little sleep, lying down for a while before getting ready from my afternoon flight when wave after wave of sadness and deep sorrow engulfed me suddenly from nowhere.
I soon realized that to stay in bed in my room was not going to help, dressing quickly I got myself and my luggage out of the room and down to the lobby where I knew that many of my Amma friends, like me, would be getting ready to leave.

It was the right thing to do. As soon as I came out of the elevator I saw Pushpa, one of the friends with whom I would drive to the airport. Just seeing her put a smile on my face. To while the half hour away before leaving, we took a few photographs, deleted them, laughing and eventually being (relatively) happy with three of them.

"My friend Pushpa and I - Dearborn, Mi. Dec.2, 2010"

My friend Pushpa and I - Dearborn, Mi. Dec.2, 2010

When the girl who was giving us a ride to the Airport and our other New York bound friends Anthony and Shaina arrived, we collected our belongings and made our way outside.

Holy shit! I hadn’t been outside since arriving six days earlier, meanwhile the temperature had plummeted to 10 degrees farenheit and with the wind chill factor it felt way below zero.

Anthony, Pushpa and I, each had one of those small suitcases that you can take with you on the plane, but the size of Shaina’s was enough to take what I would pack for a month’s long holiday!
With my shoulder bag, laptop and small carry-on case, I was the one with the least amount of luggage.
When our friend with the car pulled up in front of the hotel, it became clear that getting all of us and all the luggage in the car, would be a challenge. And it was freezing!

To be continued



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