Getting In The Car – Part Two Of Coming back

I ended my post yesterday saying how shocked I was when I went through the hotel revolving doors after six days of being inside and the 10 degrees farenheit temperature slapped me on the face.

“…Anthony, Pushpa and I, each had one of those small suitcases that you can take with you on the plane, but the size of Shaina’s was enough to take what I would pack for a month’s long holiday!
With my shoulder bag, laptop and small carry-on case, I was the one with the least amount of luggage.
When our friend with the car pulled up in front of the hotel, it became clear that getting all of us and all the luggage in the car, would be a challenge…”

“What’s your name,” I asked a new face in the group as we walked towards the car.
“Well Harry, Hurry up,” I said for no reason, causing everyone else to burst out laughing.
“Harry, are you coming to the airport with us?”
“No, I am not,” he said, but as he seemed perfectly comfortable being with us, I assumed he was somebody’s friend.

As soon as we got to the car, practical Pushpa put her suitcase in the only free space in the trunk and got in.
The rest of us battled with the hopelessly small trunk that had only enough room left for a backpack.
In the freezing cold we kept taking things out and putting them back in, laughing and getting nowhere.
“I’ll take a taxi,” Shaina said. Giggling, none of us took any notice.
But we were getting cold.
“Look at you,” I said to Pusha. “You just put your case in the only space available in the trunk and got in the car,” she laughed and indicated that I should get inside too.
“And what about the luggage?” she raised her shoulders.

Hurry up Harry who was not even a member of our party, was standing there making feeble attempts to help us. But our luggage was never going to fit in the already full trunk, period!
So we decided that we should get in the car with the luggage on our laps.
Anthony sat in the front seat with his luggage, and as soon as he was settled, he turned to Shaina and kept telling her to get in the car, like a broken record.

Then I get in next to Pusha and I call to Harry to please pass me my suitcase and put it on my lap. Next Shaina squeezes in, but she doesn’t have enough room to reach for the handle to close the door.
“Harry, shut the door,” she shouts, while the rest of us crack up.

Here’s what Shaina wrote to me a couple of days ago:

“Esmeralda, I had the best time those last few hours….every time I think of
all of us stuffed in that tiny car, our laps covered with suitcases, bags and
computers…and then getting lost and driving ’round & ’round in circles looking
for the airport, I start laughing all over again……and then to discover the
car door didn’t work and wouldn’t open ? JAI MA!! and then seeing Swamiji at
the airport and running like we were teenagers looking for the Beatles…….how
hilarious and perfect it all was! Anthony & I will come visit soon…….
promise…….I love you….xox”

And yes, it took us a while to find the airport, but we kept on laughing and laughing.

But, as I later discovered, it takes more than making it to the airport to get home.

I’ll tell you about that tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Getting In The Car – Part Two Of Coming back

  1. Such talent you have. You paint such a wonderful picture with words – it’s amazing. I could see it all happening. “Hurry Up Harry” – what a hoot. Love it. Love you.

    • I agree, Debra! Esmeralda is a wonderful storyteller who paints pictures with words AND puts words together in a way pleasing to the ear.

      “But, as I later discovered, it takes more than making it to the airport to get home.”

      • Now you make want to write more. I am so glad, more than I can say that you girls enjoy my writing, Grazie mille!

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