More From The Airport

Me, "Swami Ramakrishnananda", Shaina & Anthony

Me, Swami Ramakrishnananda, Shaina & Anthony

"Swami Ramakrishnananda"
"Swami Ramakrishnananda"

It takes us a while (because we walked all the way instead of taking the tram), but eventually we arrive at our gate and plonk ourselves down at a nearby cafe.

The food choice is poor and limited, in the end Anthony and Shaina go for a jelly and peanut butter sandwich while I opt for a hot Latte.
Soon I need to go to the bathroom. There’s one only a few yards from where we are sitting and off I go.
When I am inside the bathroom I have the feeling that something is not quite right. I can’t immediately put my finger on it until a man turns around after doing his business in the thing on the wall, screaming I bolt from the place and take refuge inside the other restroom.
What the hell, this bathroom looks exactly like the one I have just come out from!

Can you believe it?! What dumb-head puts two male bathrooms bang next to each other and the ladies, as usual, at the far end?????

Anyway, I run out of this other male toilet, but even though I now see the ladies restroom, I don’t trust myself to go in until I see a WOMAN come out and another one go in. I follow her, and this time I am definitely in the right place and at the right time, if you know what I mean. Phew 😉

I rejoin the others, and of course they all think it’s hilarious that I went to the men’s toilet, not only once, but twice!

Then Swamiji walks past us on his way to the gate; he smiles at us, and we smile at him.

“Anthony I want a picture with him.”
“You want a picture with him?”
“Yes, I do. Can you please ask him if we can have a picture with him?”
“No. I am not going to ask him. You ask him.”
“No you ask him, please”
“You want the picture, you ask him.
“Oh, come on. It’s better if you ask him, please?”

Anthony looks at me for a moment, then he gets up and walks over to Swamiji.
I can barely look, I see them both turn toward Shaina and me.

“So?” I ask Anthony when he walks back to our table.
“I am going to get him a bottle of water,” he says bending down to get his wallet out of the backpack.
“You didn’t ask him?”
“I am going to get him the water, then I’ll ask him.”

Shaina and I watch Anthony going to buy the water then walk back to Swami.
While they talk I pretend to take pictures with an imaginary camera and as I “click the button” Swamiji turns around and looks at me.
Shaina and I start giggling like mad.

But I get my wish, for Swami very kindly walks over to us and lets us photograph him with us.

Soon it’s time to board.
To be continued.



6 thoughts on “More From The Airport

  1. Hahaha, embarrassing restroom experience! But I can’t believe YOU were too shy to ask for a picture! Hooray for Anthony. What a gentleman.

    To be continued? Oh my…

  2. I had a similar experience at the Met (museum). I rushed into the restroom started unzipping and I’m looking around for the urinals and then I notice three Asian ladies primping in the mirror. I rush to the door, leap out and then turn to face the other way with a nonchalant look on my face so if any one passed by they wouldn’t know I just came out of the ladies room.

    • hahaha LOL!

      OK, I never walked in but almost at a mall restroom.

      Typically, it seems the woman’s restroom is usually the most conveniently located or maybe in this mall it was usually the 1st as you approach, before remodeling took place. But now after remodeling I have to double check before entering because neither the signs or the color scheme helps! The signs say Kane & Wahine , both are earth-tone brown and green, and the petroglyphs universal male & female icons at a quick glance aren’t too differentiated!

      • In the States, it seems to me, that the ladies’ is always further away. Maybe to avoid men walking in by mistake?

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