A Bit Busy Today

A bit busy today.

Buy Christmas tree

Go to yoga class

Food shopping

A bit of Hula Hooping ( always remember to stretch first) got to learn to keep the thing going around
It seems that I find it easier sideways. Hoppers know what that means.
And keeping on the subject, my husband suggested I take my hula hoop with me to Sicily when I go in January and hoop at the beach:

“Where you’ll have plenty of room and you won’t knock anything down.”

I was ready to poopoo his idea but then I thought:

“Why not?” And maybe I’ll get someone to take a picture and show it you.

Okay, got to go.



4 thoughts on “A Bit Busy Today

  1. What a happy to do list! Enjoy! How awesome you will be including a yoga class. Your husband and I think alike. Remember I commented that I could hoop at the beach. 😉 Also please give my regards to your dear husband. Aloha~

    • He’ll be so pleased! Thing is though that Marausa, the beach in Sicily, unlike your neck of the woods, will be freezing in January.

      • Ah! Then you’ll just need to move those hips “more faster”, as the locals here in Hawaii would say, to keep yourself warm. 😉

        Freezing. Do you mean literally or figuratively?

      • Okay, I’ll see what I can do to move more faster. In fact why didn’t I think of it?
        Sicily does get cold in winter, obviously not like New York or the North of Italy, but it is a cold and when the Northern Maestrale or Tramontana winds blow, it is cold indeed.
        But hey, more faster should take care of it 😉

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