Back From Michigan Final Installment

It’s almost Christmas and I still haven’t finished writing about my return journey from Michigan.

Okay, so where were we?

Oh, yes… I went to the men’s bathroom by mistake, twice. We had our pictures taken with Swami Ramakrishnananda.
We complained about a woman none of us knew, who had inserted herself in our pictures, and when we asked her to take a picture of us, it was a disaster! First she couldn’t find the button and then she couldn’t push it!
Just push the darn button and go, I wanted to say (see how nice I am?)

Anyway, my dear friend Anthony has since cropped her gently out of the picture. You can stare at the photograph as long as you like but you’ll never be able to tell she was ever there.
Anyway, the time came to board. But none of us were keen on standing in line at the gate.

“I just don’t see the point of waiting in line there, when we can wait sitting down here. We’ll go when there is no one left in the line,” I said.

Soon the line had dwindled down to a handful of people and my friends and I picked up our belongings and walked to the gate. Swami had gone ahead and boarded, Shaina was next, Anthony was concerned whether they’d let him take his case on the plane or whether they’d make him give it to them.
“I don’t see why,” I said to him as he gave his boarding pass to the attendant and went through.
“We’ll see,” I heard him say as he disappeared while the steward checked my boarding pass.
“What flight are you on?” The Delta steward asked me.
“This one,” I said, puzzled by the question. But my pass was not going through, the man tried a few times, but the scanner rejected it every time.
“Strange,” I thought.
“Let’s have a look,” he said. “This is not your flight,” he said, after studying my boarding pass. “You are flying to La Guardia and this flight is to Kennedy.”
“Your flight leaves from gate A76”
Shit, I thought. This is gate A8, I am at the opposite end of the airport. What about the others? I can’t even tell them, I have to go.
I span around and dashed for the other end of the airport. I flew like the wind as far as the inter-gate shuttle then I jumped on and jumped out. Ran the rest of the way and… made it… in time to see my plane taxi away from the gate.

“That’s my plane,” I said to the two Delta women at the gate. “Can’t you stop it?” I panted?
They laughed.

While I was standing there trying to catch my breath my cell phone rung, it was Anthony.
“Where are you?” he asked.
“Oh Anthony, I missed my flight.”
“What do you mean you missed your flight? You were right behind me and then you disappeared.”
And I explained to him how that was never my flight in the first place.

When I discovered that they were also flying to NY at 3:25 with Delta like me, I took it for granted, like any sane person would, that we were on the same flight.
But no! Theirs was to Kennedy and mine to La Guardia.

Later when I made it to New York on the 5:25, Anthony and I laughed hard going over what had happened.
I could hardly breathe from the laughter when he told me how, when I didn’t appear, they were all dumfounded.
“Where is she?”
“She was right behind me.”
“Something must have happened to her.”
“What could have happened to her?”
“What shall we do?”

It took them a while to think of it, but in the end they did the only logical thing to do; they called me and the mystery was solved.

And there you have.
I am home. And I hope you enjoyed it.




12 thoughts on “Back From Michigan Final Installment

  1. ROFL! “That’s my plane,” I said to the two Delta women at the gate. “Can’t you stop it?” I panted?
    They laughed.

    Oh Esmeralda, thank you for making me feel so NORMAL! Do you remember that I missed my connecting flight from San Fran to Newark coming to GYWO?!!!!! Luckily, you were able to get on another flight very quickly. I spent the night in the lovely airport…

    • What does ROFL mean? Indeed, I was lucky. By the time I got the new gate I was so tired that I dozed off and it seemed like only 5 minutes had passed before it was time to board, this time for real

  2. Another great story. I’m grinning.

    I love all this dichotomy too – swooning all over the Swami, then dealing with and cutting out the intrusive gal in the picture. That’s what I love about you – so real! You say, or put into writing, what some of us would only dare to think. Thanks for the laugh.

    • And I love YOU and your feedback. When are you next in this neck of the woods?
      I am getting better with the hula hoop, but I am not trying anything other than keeping it going. Thank you for all the encouragement 😉

  3. Don’t know when I’ll be back on the East Coast yet. My mom’s first great grandchild and my sister Barbara’s first grandchild (I’m actually a little weepy typing this thinking of my sister, new life and the loss of life) will be born sometime in January. So I’m going to have to come out within the first quarter of the new year. And we three will hoop. And someone will take a photo of us in action. So glad you are working your moves – now I’m grinning thinking of you with your hoop. I hope hoop gal or our elf princess knows how much joy she has introduced us to. I don’t believe just any hoop gal could have produced the same result.
    Love you too!

    • I didn’t know Barbara was going to have a grandchild. I can imagine how bittersweet that’s going to be. We must indeed get our hoops out together. I will be away from Jan 19 to Feb. 9 Please try not to come then, 😉 thanks

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