The Get Your Wellness On Fair Potential Second Venue

"Get Your Wellness On"

Get Your Wellness On

I still have still done nothing about Christmas.

I feel a bit like my friend Kukunaokala (did I spell it right? Can’t you get an easier name?) on Thanksgiving, when she spent the day at the beach and went back home when everything was ready.

But as I told her, here in New York, there are no warm beaches I could go to on Christmas day, or maybe I should say, none that I know of. Also, Christmas is more than a one day event, isn’t it?

So, here’s something to take my mind off another Andrew-less Christmas; another, or I should another two, Get Your Wellness On Fairs.

Yes, for just this morning I got an email from someone in San Antonio, Texas, saying that she would like to organize a Fair there.
Now, that is the kind of thing I like and am good at.

GYWO New York is recruiting GYWO volunteers in Texas.

Don’t be shy, I want to hear from you.




4 thoughts on “The Get Your Wellness On Fair Potential Second Venue

  1. Esmeralda, whew what a long name… 😉

    It’s easy once you see the words: kukuna (ray) o (of) kala (the-ka, sun-la).

    I’m sure I have you beat. No tree yet! That assignment was delegated and hasn’t been done. Oh well. I’ll just decorate one at the beach. 😉 This morning one son offered to draw one on the living room wall! Lol.

    I’m posting a link to another blog about handling holidays when bereaved.

    The one idea that I think will help me the most in the future is actually planning a way to remember our deceased loved one so that like Emma said yesterday we don’t have to pretend during the holidays. I would like to try that. Give time and space for our grief before the holidays so we can enjoy them with those we equally love who are with us.

    • Now that you’ve broken it down I get it, easy breezy 😉
      You think my name is long? What about my last name?

      And no my dear, You do NOT beat me, no tree yet! We’ve gone from religiously getting our tree on the first week-end of December, to being less than a week away from Christmas and having no tree or presents. So, now who’s ahead? Or should I say behind? 🙂

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