Habemus Tree

Okay, we have a tree.
A gorgeous, rich, Christmasy smelling, balsam.
We bought it yesterday.
Then we put it in a bucket full of water while we went to some friends’ house for dinner.
But when we got back the water had frozen, and we couldn’t take the tree inside as we had originally planned.

But at least we have it! The ice will melt and by tonight it will be up, and as far as I know Christmas has not come and gone (alas)

I am been taken out to lunch today… how does that Christmas carol go?

‘t is the season to be jolly, tra la la la’

I think ” ‘t is the season to be fed tra la la la”

I’ll get Florentina to take some pictures and I’ll post them.

However, while I have gone to yoga, in fact on Saturday I went to a more advanced yoga class, the hula hoop has not seen as much action as I had imagined it would, when I ordered it.

Do any of my friends share my experience?




10 thoughts on “Habemus Tree

  1. I’m hoopless these days too. There is no room in my house. We bought a tree and now there is no room to hoop. And it has been raining constantly here in so cal. I’ve been sweeping water out of my garage. I’m about to break it down until after the holidays.

  2. Hey Esmeralda,
    am so glad you got your tree. ours froze in the bucket like that last year…one giant ice cube. The cats had a blast with it.
    I didnt want to get a tree last year or this one, but am glad I did. I put all purple lights on it ( Andrew’s fav color) and his pics are all over it. I am trying to keep the thought that he is with us, and would want to see us smiling. Your Andrew is not gone. He is there with you…I know it. Hold your family close, and celebrate in his honor. And send him a smile..maybe even include the hoop under the tree. hugs and love to you and yours. You are never alone. love you

    • The tree is now unfrozen and in the tree stand. The lights are up and it is ready to be decorated. I tell, it’s been quite a performance.

  3. News Press Release:
    December 20, 2010
    We have a Christmas Tree.

    LOL! The delegated one followed through.

    In Hawaii the live trees brought in from the States are outrageously priced! The delegated one couldn’t bring himself to lay out all that cash on a tree when he first went searching the weekend after Thanksgiving. But unusually there were trees still for sale at this late date and the delegated one proudly acquired a magnificent Noble Fir too big for our small, humble living room. But he trimmed the bottom and the top and made it fit and boasted about how he returned to one of the original vendors who had a wide variety of trees to choose from that were ALL 50% marked down. The delegated one was pleased…another family Christmas Tree memory made.

    BTW, a live tree is so amazing. I’m glad none of us in the family are allergic to pine trees.

    Now for the decorating part. And it’s Tuesday with Christmas Eve on Friday. With the daughter away this Christmas in Christmas Decoration Paradise (aka Salt Lake City, UT) on earth, who will decorate the tree? “Not me”, said the mother. “We will”, say the men in the house. “Wow, can’t wait to watch this!” says the mother. πŸ˜€

    • We have a lovely smelling balsam.
      Press Release
      December 22, 2010
      Christmas tree lights are up
      Decorations awaiting in a box beside tree.
      I am watching too. πŸ™‚
      And now I’m off for some more shopping πŸ˜‰

      • Gone shopping too. The sun is shining, after days of rain.

        More press releases to follow as events develop. πŸ˜‰

      • Habemus turkey (breast), yes we have a traditional English Christmas. I don’t know what happened, but all things considered, I’m almost caught up πŸ˜‰

  4. I really “loathe” (use Jim Carey voice) shopping! I know…How can a woman not like shopping? (Well, I also hate cooking! Not baking, baking involves chocolate which is good.) I feel so outside the feminine experience on this. But I’ve waited as long as I can and now it is time…

    • I LOVE cooking – Well… yes I do actually. But I am not back to where I was before Andrew died vis-a-vis cooking, not without him to cook for

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