The Soppy Eyed Beagle

Jessie the photogenic beagle & "Esmeralda" the not so photogenic human

Jessie the photogenic beagle & Esmeralda the not so photogenic human

Jessie the beagle, Esmeralda & my friend Camilla

Jessie the beagle, Esmeralda & my friend Camilla

Florentina took the above pictures on Sunday.

I couldn’t resist posting them here. Have you ever seen a dog with more soppy eyes than Jessie the Beagle?

And do you see how she loves posing for a picture?

And when she climbs up on your lap, she puts her legs around your neck like a child.

I am telling you, my friends’ dog is amazing.

She makes me laugh, but there is also something so human, so vulnerable, so innocent about her, that touches me SO deeply that I want to cry.

I am crying.

I’ve done quite a bit of that yesterday.



4 thoughts on “The Soppy Eyed Beagle

  1. hey Dearheart,
    love the puppers. wish I could get you to a place of peace..been managing only a few days in between bouts myself. but am feeling better today. I feel Andy here with me today. It feels good to know he is still hanging about and trying to make me better. I owe it to him to give it my best try, right?
    love the pics…hugs to you.

    • You would have loved the puppy too, well, she is six, hardly a puppy. Hey, just had a thought, have you thought of getting a puppy?

  2. Hi Esmeralda. My “puppy” is now 2 years old! She’s the best thing! She loves me unconditionally but doesn’t like to see me cry…..she runs away! I’m going through the motions of the Holidays as well….it’s just not the same. My new years resolution though is to start hooping and get myself back in shape! Peace & love to you and your family. xoxo Barbara

    • Well, I don’t know what to say about the puppy running away when you cry. Shouldn’t she be consoling you instead? Is she not up to speed on the requirements of the job? 😉
      By the way, I don’t know what happened this year, but one good thing this is year is this Christmas thing seems to have happened SO quickly that in a few days it will be over.
      And yes, let’s get that hoop hooping. Big hugs, Esmeralda

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