Thank you Anita

I’ve just made up my mind that I am going to go out today!
This resolve, likely nothing much for most people, feels like a reprieve to me.

Other than when I opened the door as far as it would open, which wasn’t much, the day after the blizzard, my nose has not been out of these four walls since Christmas Eve. Hold on a minute, when was that?
Hm… All I can say is that it seems like a long time ago, and between then and now, I have been shrouded in a heavy blanket of fog. Even moving my ass from my bed to the sofa and back again, has been a struggle.

And then last night, as I howled for relief (I was on my own), the same scary sound coming out of me as when I first saw Andrew dead, the phone rang. It was my dear friend Anita, Andrew’s Godmother, calling from Holland.

Thank you to whatever God may be, for hearing me!

When I put the phone down an hour later, my mood had shifted enough for me to find my way out of the fog.

Thank you Dearest Anita. Thank you.

So, before I feel the pull coming my bed and the drowsiness that follows, Ladies and Gentlemen, let me get the hell out of here.


2 thoughts on “Thank you Anita

  1. Esmeralda,
    I know you are snowed in and all that so its easy for me to talk about getting out and about in our summer down here.

    We went to visit son Daniel (8 years older than Bruno) and his partner and two children (2 of our 5 g/kids) in Christchurch, a small city in the South Island of NZ, over Xmas for 8 days. Drove to the other side of the pensinsular to Akaroa for Xmas Day with wider family, amazing topography of volcanic peaks (somewhat blunted) and craters (Akaroa, not the family). Akaroa harbor is situated in the biggest crater. Wonderfully fertile soil and sheltered climate (tho the harbour opens to the south – our low-sun side). Just Google Maps for Akaroa if you want to see the lay of the land.

    Back to ChCh for Boxing day and about 7 aftershocks of the 7.1 quake last September (see quake map the biggest of which was 4.9 but only 3 km deep and right under ChCh. A loud roar followed by the house moving about wildly for about 20 secs. Our folks said they wanted to make sure we got the full package to appreciate what they had been living through! Don’t know the significance of a few more churches losing their steeples on Boxing Day.

    All of this took us away from home and from the immediate presence of Bruno, but we talked about him and were constantly reminded of him as a boy whose interests were so much like our 10 year old grandson.
    On returning home I am going thru those books in which Bruno signed his name that we can pass on to our grandchildren so that he has a place in their lives sharing a delight in literature.
    a hug

    • What a great idea, what a great gift to give his books. iT IS ALWAY GREAT TO HEar from you dave.
      Love AND hAPPY NEW yEAR Esmeralda

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