Good Bye Holidays

Good Bye holidays!!!!!!! Three more days and the tree will be gone too. Yes, because according to European’s tradition, the Christmas tree only comes down on January 6th.

The sun is shining again today. Thank goodness. What a difference it makes.

I am sad that my daughter left yesterday, nevertheless I feel better, much better

I’ll try going to yoga this afternoon



4 thoughts on “Good Bye Holidays

  1. So glad you are feeling better.

    I was laying in bed Sunday morning when I heard a strange noise downstairs. I suspected what it was and went downstairs. On the floor was the tree. The lopsided wonder had fallen and ornaments were everywhere. We usually leave the tree up until after the 6th as well – past All Kings Day – and usually until mid January, past the kids birthdays. But our waste management company had informed residents that the last day for curb side tree recycling was the 6th this year. I was a little relieved half the work of removing ornaments was done. Even though I’m saddened to put the memories away, I love the house after de-holidaying it. It feels fresh and clean, uncluttered, and bigger – like a new start. So, unplanned, the tree stands in the backyard until the 6th.

    Thinking of you. Love deb

  2. I’m glad to read you are “happy” the sun is shining! 🙂 That’s growth…
    I’m even more ecstatic to know you’ve been for a walk and plan to go to a yoga class. Is it Hatha yoga? I’ve spent the Christmas vacation perusing books about yoga, qigong, raw foods, and other wellness topics. This is a healthy change indicating progress in my grief journey. Before the books I borrowed were about suicide, mental illness, and grief. Besides wellness books I borrowed a few books on various teaching topics and writing. I think I might even renew attending a writer’s workshop at the local community college. This is not something I could have done one year ago. I hadn’t the energy, the desire, nor the ability to concentrate.

    Enjoy your class and if you feel comfortable sharing, I’d like to know how you were able to bring yourself out of the funk you just experienced.

    Deb, I feel the same after taking down the Christmas tree–fresh, clean, uncluttered, bigger. I loved the tree and I love how it feels after taking it down.

    • I will, Rayo, I will share. I want to share everything so that we can all benefit. I love you, I am SO glad about your choice of books, wow, that’s a change of topic isn’t it?
      There is still life in us old dogs after all 😉

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