I Went To Yoga Yay! I Cooked a Frozen Lasagna, Yay!



I went to yoga yesterday, Yay!!!

I “cooked” a frozen lasagna for dinner, and tossed a salad together, Yay!!!

But wait, to top it all, and this is really big, I ironed ten shirts, yes, TEN shirts!
Those of you who have been with me long enough, know how much I love ironing when I have time.
I find it, therapeutic.

So, yes, getting up took some effort, more than that, I had to dig deep. But once I was up, showered and dressed, I felt better and better.

Dear Universe, I am SO grateful.


p.s. Kukunaokala, yes, it is Hatha Yoga. I practice Vinyasa.

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4 thoughts on “I Went To Yoga Yay! I Cooked a Frozen Lasagna, Yay!

  1. It’s the simple things. I often get in the zone washing dishes. Saw Dayamrita Swami last night . We had satsang at MA Cenetr last night at Ron’s house, the house where Amma stays when she is at the ashram. About thirty people. Very intimate.

  2. Looks delicious! Yummy for the mind and the tummy!

    Something you said yesterday is so true when working through a trauma – being able to stay in the “here and now.” Blessings to you and the here and now.
    love deb

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