Yesterday I Went Shopping

I was semi-asleep when the phone rang at 5:30 this morning. I snapped out of my semiconscious drowsiness and grabbed the phone.

“All schools in the district will be closed today, Friday, January 7, 2011”

With another snow storm heading our way, I wasn’t surprised by the announcement. But early morning calls these days scare the shit out of me.

Anyway that’s today, but yesterday…. yesterday I went shopping, yes shopping.
I am so pleased with myself.
All this week I have done everything in my power to get better and that has included getting up and getting out.
Initially getting up was hard, but my wonderful husband lovingly helped me with that and now I am able to get up again on my own.
To get out of the house I enlisted the help of friends, so that once I was up, I would actually wash and get dressed.
I am happy to say, that I have definitely turned the corner. I feel like my old self again.

And here I want to pause for moment, and quote from William Ernest Henley’s poem, Invictus:

“…I thank whatever Gods may be for my unconquerable soul…”

So, yesterday I went shopping.
No, not food shopping, which, mind you, I also need to do, no, I went to Woodbury Common, the amazing factory outlet forty-five minutes from here.

I bought clothes, shoes and new bed linen (what can I say, I have a soft spot for beds and all bed “things”)
And that’s not all, when I got home I took to my closet, and that doesn’t mean that I swapped my bed for my closet, no! It means that I took out the old and made room for the new.

Gosh it felt GOOD. I also cleaned the floor, dusted everything, lined up my shoes neatly and then I did my husband’s closet. And that felt extra good because if it was up to him, he’d still have his childhood clothes, shoes and toys.

And that’s not all, no! After dinner it was the living room’s turn to get some attention, can you guess why?
The Christmas tree!
“Right you two,” I said to my husband and Robert. “This is your job, you put the tree up and now you are going to take it down,” and bless them, they did.

Good Bye Holidays!

But today it is snowing. Last year I welcomed every white flake falling from the sky like it was balm on my battered soul, but this year… this year I find the winter oppressive.

But let us not dwell there, maybe today I can do some laundry, maybe I can find a spot of ironing, maybe I can cook a frozen Pizza and maybe I can also do some hooping.

Will let you know tomorrow



2 thoughts on “Yesterday I Went Shopping

  1. New, new, new!! Happy New Year! New clothes, “new” closet, “new” living room, … I am so happy for you.

    We invite wellness into our lives by the choices we make even when things happen to us that we haven’t chosen.

    Take care! It’s “freezing” here. It dipped to 55 degrees F.

    • Oh dear, you better wrap up warm, maybe you should even consider making yourself a hot water bottle, and what else? Oh yes, an electric blanket? hahaha 🙂

      Yes indeed, there is more life and fight in us old dogs, yet! And you, YOU are coming along really well. Love

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