I have discovered yet another tool for Wellness: Breathwork.

I had no idea what it was, but my friend Lisa invited me to a Breathwork session at her house, and I went.

I won’t go into all the details on how it works, how you do it, I am not qualified, but it was great!

During the session I experienced a liberating feeling of letting go. Joy bubbled up from the depth of my being as though from a spring. Fleetingly I witnessed my sorrow, it was neither good nor bad, it was.

I laughed and laughed and laughed.

I came away lighter, happier, relaxed. I’ll do it again.




4 thoughts on “Breathwork

  1. I have had amazing experiences through breathwork. It’s also known as Re-birthing. There are group Re-birthings sometimes in Manhattan for very cheap at someone’s apartment. Let me know if you want me to hook you up. Amma’s satsang here in SF was off the hook with bhakti last night. Today in yoga class I just had a good cry during the beginning pranayama here at The yoga center.

    • I am glad you are enjoying the Satsangs. I went to Lisa for the breathwork, she is great.
      Love you Prabudh, take good care. Esmeralda

  2. Breathwork is vitally important to getting in touch with, and harnessing your emotions. I keep finding that people are unused to identifying what their actual emotional state is. This can cause a lot of confusion and disruption. Many times being able to communicate with another person about what you are feeling can go long strides towards harnessing those emotions. To that end, see this article about defining authentic emotions

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