Tribute to Atole


"My friend Lisa" at my house

My friend Lisa at my house

Those of you who met Lisa, one of the alternative healers at the Get Your Wellness On Fair, know what a gifted healer and loving person she is.

She is also a much-loved friend.

I was saddened beyond words to learn that her beloved dog Atole died earlier this week.

Atole was a one year-old Mexican-street-dog when she adopted Lisa fourteen years ago, while she was in the Mexican town of San Miguel. Lisa brought Atole back to the States with her, and they had been inseparable ever since.

When she came to stay with me last month, days before Christmas, she came with Atole in attendance.
A sweeter dog you couldn’t find, not that our cat Zoe saw it that way. I was distressed when she flew at him like a raging witch and drew blood from her left eye.
I KNOW that Andrew would have severely reprimanded her for what he would have called “uncouth behavior.”

Dear Atole, I didn’t know you very long, but you conquered my heart as soon as you walked through my door.
Your whole being radiated love, compassion, understanding, tenderness, patience, generosity and kindness.

How could one hope for, or ask for a better friend than you, Dear Atole?

I grieve for my friend Lisa today. As for you Atole, I know that my Andrew is ready to be your friend in heaven.

Esmeralda, Andrew’s Mummy and Friend to Lisa and Atole

From Lisa to Atole

This week my beloved friend and ally of fourteen years, Atole passed away.
Such a beautiful, loving angel spirit she was and is. I am so grateful for the deep blessing of having lived by her side for so long.
She was an incredible ally and friend and support and teacher and inspiration to me and she will be dearly missed!
I pray for her peaceful and BRIGHT transition on this portion of her soul’s journey.
Thank you Atole.

And I pray for acceptance. The acceptance of loss and its place in life. And acceptance of every part of this experience, each emotion, every thought, each tear and each smile.


6 thoughts on “Tribute to Atole

  1. Esmeralda, I shared this on my facebook and a link to your original article on Huffpost and some things I feel about you and the work you do.
    It is the death of a little doggie that got me back to reading about and investigating life-after-death studies and also has brought me finally to help others to support dogs. I am finally ready to adopt anew. It was hard to trust friends t understand the depth of my grief over a dog, who in fact was not even “mine,” but one who another friend had rescued and who I cared for and knew as my little Prince in the desert. I have also endured the passing of my “own.” I still miss them. Each of them were as individual and feeling and alive as any human I have ever known. I believe that a dog is a human’s best friend and vice versa and there is no replacing the special bond. Just know that you gave your beloved Atole a wonderful life, as I know she gave you and that she was not alone and now is safe. And know there’s a whole world of us who can not begin to describe how we feel about our animal companions or explain it ever to someone who doesn’t know them in the same way. How sweet to have your friend Esmeralda who does understand. Atole is beautiful. I thank both of you so much for sharing and she is on my wall. Prayers, Emmavoberry

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